5 tips for travelling with fibromyalgia

Did I mention we're going on our honeymoon? Did I?! In four weeks time we'll be catching a plane to Vancouver and spending three weeks travelling across Canada, before spending a few days in New York and coming home. The last time R and I went on holiday for more than a week was five [...]

Floating for fibromyalgia: A review of Floatworks

Have you ever floated before? I hadn't, until last weekend when I made my way to Vauxhall at the ungodly hour of 5:15am to spend an hour in a float tank, courtesy of the new Floatworks centre. For those who haven't come across floating before, it really is as simple as it sounds. You spend [...]

The unpredictability of fibromyalgia

In the last 38 days I have been to two hen parties and a wedding. All three events were wonderful, but all were reminders that if you suffer from fibromyalgia you can never predict your pain. In early August, one of my close friends invited 11 girls to spend a wonderful weekend at Wilderness Festival. [...]

Homemade blackberry vodka – part one

Before you can make homemade blackberry vodka, you have to pick a lot of blackberries. This year we're planning to make about 5 litres of the stuff for our wedding in December, so many an evening is spent walking along the canal, searching for brambles. It's really quite idyllic, and the fact there's vodka at the end [...]

Stratford upon Avon – tourist hell?

Stratford upon Avon. The birthplace of Shakespeare, home of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and beautifully situated along the River Avon. What's not to love? Well, let's add ten hundred million gazillion tourists to that scene and suddenly the market town goes from idyllic to I-don't-know-why-I-came-here. This week we had the joy that is bank holiday Monday [...]

An open letter to my friends: how do you see me now?

Today I read this article on the 'Queen of Constance' blog - a popular blog written by an outspoken mum of four kids, with posts that are consistently being shared by my Facebook friends. Yesterday Constance handed over the reigns to her friend Penny Shipway, who wrote a letter to those affected by their friend's [...]

Migraines: 22 years, 5 ways to cope

I was meant to go for curry with my work friends tonight. Our first team night out EVER and I arranged it. I sent a flurry of emails, I got excited, hell - I even got dressed this morning with "waistline must be stretchable for copious amounts of curry" in mind. So when I got [...]

How to have a non-traditional wedding

I'm getting married in December. I'm getting married but there will be no white dress, no bridal party, no first dance, no giving away and no cutting of cake. Does that all sound a bit negative? If it does, it's not supposed to. I always wanted to be married and when I fell in love [...]

I speak for pain campaign

I speak for pain. I do. The whole purpose of this blog (aside from the occasional general musings and rantings on life) is to give a voice to chronic pain. It began three years ago because I was frustrated and needed to find a less physical outlet for my energy and now, instead of using [...]