Planning a cross-Canada road trip

I'm baaaack! If you follow me on social media, you'll know that I've just returned from a very excellent honeymoon; 24 days spent travelling across Canada - and a few days in New York for good measure. Can I call it a road trip if I spent part of it on a boat and a [...]

Homemade blackberry vodka – part two

A few weeks ago I told you I went blackberry picking so that we could make some bramble vodka. This week I thought I'd share the delightful, deep purple mess that we made and the recipe that will give us some delicious vodka treats on New Year's Eve. You will need, roughly: - 500g blackberries - [...]

I’ve got chronic pain and a wedding to dance at

The blog's been a little quiet lately, for which I can only apologise. A long flare-up often leads to periods of quiet because, quite frankly, who wants to write about (or read about, for that matter) pain and sadness for a solid nine weeks? Last week I decided I'd forget about the pain and write about [...]

The alternative halloween

Staying in is the new going out. Didn't you know? I'm a big fan of reminding myself (and others) that getting involved in the fun and celebrating the holidays doesn't have to mean going out and putting your body through strain. Staying in can be just as good. When it comes to halloween my usual approach is to [...]

Homemade blackberry vodka – part one

Before you can make homemade blackberry vodka, you have to pick a lot of blackberries. This year we're planning to make about 5 litres of the stuff for our wedding in December, so many an evening is spent walking along the canal, searching for brambles. It's really quite idyllic, and the fact there's vodka at the end [...]