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New year resolutions for 2018

2017 was one of my favourite years ever. I went to Canada and New York, I got a wonderful new job, and I realised for the first year ever that I wasn’t planning for anything. In 2017, I was content.

The end of 2017, however, was pretty bad – health wise. I knew that I had run myself in to the ground with not so much as a glint of light at the end of the tunnel, and I feel like managing my health has become harder than ever before. Therefore, the theme of this year’s resolutions is: balance.

Don't Get Serious
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Last year I set myself five resolutions and achieved four out of five, which is probably a personal best. I failed to send birthday cards to my friends though which should have been an easy one, so I’m carrying that one over. Here are my four new ones:

One for the mind: Read more. I currently use all my spare time for work and I can’t remember the last book I read from start to finish. I’m kicking off this year’s resolution by reading my sister-in-law’s debut novel, The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock. Check it out and keep an eye on Imogen Hermes Gowar.

One for the body: Swim, godamnit. Swim. I’ve been trying to get back in to swimming for three years, and it still hasn’t happened. It’s the next step in my plan for managing pain, and I will force myself in to a swimming pool this year if it kills me.

One for others: I am lucky enough to be given five days of volunteer leave per year at my workplace, but I have only ever used three because the year gets busy and I inevitably run out of time. This year I plan to use all five, four of which I’ll use for local causes that I’m passionate about, saving one for myΒ  family’s charity BEFSAwhich aims to reduce poverty through education in South Africa.

One for me: Last year I kept to the resolution of blocking out ‘free weekends’ in my diary to make sure I always had a free weekend each month. It was brilliant and I very much plan on doing it again. Who knows, I could even use that free weekend to get back on top of this blog and become a regular poster once again?!

What have you got planned?


6 comments on “New year resolutions for 2018

  1. I also really want to get back into swimming this year, so we can cheer each other on πŸ˜‰ free weekends are completely essential so glad you’re going to carry that over


  2. I think it’s lovely that your employer approves five volunteer days per year. Here in the US, I actually don’t know if any employers encourage this. I don’t usually make New Year resolutions but this year I am going to try to approach my mental health as seriously as I approach my physical health. I’m no good to anybody if I have a mental breakdown. I hope you have a blessed year, Sarah. =)

  3. I am so glad 2017 was such a wonderful year, and I hope 2018 is even better! Balance is a wonderful thing to strive for and I hope you achieve it. Your goals seem very well thought out and indeed, very balanced. My best!

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