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20 more series you should be binge-watching

At the beginning of 2017 I shared my obsession with binge-watching TV series and gave you a list of 50 programmes I insist you go and watch immediately.

This year has been no different. Box sets have seen me through many a bed-ridden day, so I thought I’d recommend 20 new ones to see you through 2018.

So, let me begin.

Detectorists – Image via British Comedy Guide

#51 Detectorists. Someone commented on my previous list of TV series and recommended Detectorists, a light-hearted series about two friends in search of buried treasure in their home town with nothing but big dreams and a couple of metal detectors. It’s wonderful.

#52 The Path. I missed Aaron Paul when Breaking Bad ended so was delighted to find him in this Hulu series about a spiritual movement which, beneath its peaceful surface has darkness at its core.

#53 Silicon Valley. Brilliant comedy series about a group of ‘nerdy’ guys who try to make it big in the tech world.

#54 This Is Us. An addictive drama about the Pearson family, which swings between their life in the 70’s as young children and their complicated thirty-something lives. It has Mandy Moore in and I loved her.

#55 Unreal. I kicked off the year with this fictional series about the production team behind a hit reality TV show. It’s funny and dark, and made me seriously wonder about what goes on behind the scenes of Made in Chelsea.

santa clarita
Santa Clarita Diet – Image via Netflix

#56 Santa Clarita Diet. I love Drew Barrymore at the best of times, but Drew Barrymore as a zombie mum living in American suburbia is even better. I love this show!

#57 Braindead. This series about aliens invading earth and eating the brains of US politicians was pretty great. I’m not entirely sure why I loved it so much because it’s not ground-breaking TV but it has good characters and witty banter. Thumbs up.

#58 The Moorside. This BBC series is based on the real life kidnapping of 9 year old Shannon Matthews on the Moorside estate in Yorkshire. It’s brilliantly done and well worth the watch.

#59 Parks and Recreation (again). This featured on last year’s list so I’m sorry for the repetition, but I watched it again this year – all seven series of it. I love it I love it and if you only watch one thing on TV before you die please let it be this.

Master of None – Image via Yahoo

#60 Master of None. Oh I loved this! Aziz Ansari is a struggling actor living in NYC and shares stories from his life as he searches for work, love and his place in the world. I absolutely adored this series and will watch it again very soon.

#61 Three Girls. A three-part BBC series based on the true stories of three girls who were victims of the Rochdale sex abuse ring. It’s absolutely horrendous in parts and but well worth a watch if you can cope with the subject matter.

#62 The Handmaid’s Tale. Based on Margaret Atwood’s novel where fertile women are property of the state and are kept in sexual servitude, used to provide children to wealthy infertile couples. Brilliant, but not jolly.

#63 Glow. Now this is jolly! Set in the 1980’s, this Netflix drama is about out-of-work actresses who sign up to join a women’s wrestling club, in the hope they will create a following and make their fortune.

#64 The Good Place. Kristin Bell being brilliant as usual in this light-hearted series about a group of people who find themselves in the afterlife, and are relieved to have been sent to The Good Place. But all is not quite as it seems. (Dun-dun-duuuuun.)

Fortitude – Image via Den of Geek

#65 Fortitude. Set in a quiet town in the Arctic where nothing ever happens, members of the community start suspecting each other as people start dying. Two of my favourites star in this brilliant drama: Sophie Gråbøl and Stanley Tucci.

#66 Mindhunter. Two FBI agents interview a number of serial killers as they try to make the case that understanding the psyche of mass murderers will help to reduce these crimes in the future.

#67 Ozark. Starring Jason Bateman (who is always great) as the husband/father in a family of four who has to relocate after a money laundering scheme goes wrong.

#68 Dawson’s Creek. If you haven’t seen Dawson’s Creek, I’d like to question what you were doing with yourself in the 90s. And if you’re not in love with Pacey Witter, I’d like to questions your ability to see and hear. Re-watching this and loving it.

#69 Fringe. This is brilliant. Olivia Dunham is an FBI agent who investigates weird and unusual events with the help of a retired scientist. It’s witty and heart-warming – it also stars Joshua Jackson who is as great in this as he is in Dawson’s.

#70 Halt and Catch Fire. I’m finishing this list with the best thing I watched this year. It begins in the early 80s and follows the lives of four people at the heart of personal computing and the start of the internet. It is everything and I utterly adored it.

Halt and Catch Fire.jpg
Halt and Catch Fire – Image via AMC Latin America

And that takes us to the end of this year’s recommendations. Enjoy!


1 comment on “20 more series you should be binge-watching

  1. I LOVED “Halt and Catch Fire” too! I will definitely check out some of these. I feel like I have watched everything on Netflix! Also a bit tired of television.

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