The chronic illness community you’ve been looking for



When you’re looking for a community to help you find your way through chronic illness, your requirements might be different to mine. Some readers look for a focus on fitness or faith to help them cope, others focus on a desire for product reviews, and some look for particular survival mechanisms like beauty or travel. Personally, I like to focus on a cocktail of coping strategies combined with ‘normal’ living – with a drop of sarcasm for good measure.

If my vibe is your vibe and you’re looking for a similar kind of community to help you navigate this chronic illness minefield, then look no further. Below are links to some of my favourite bloggers, tweeters, and instagrammers – plus a few health forums that you may like to explore.

My top blogs

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but who are they kidding? My impatient, judgemental attitude is that if I don’t like the look, I won’t go any further. Harsh? Maybe. Unfair? Perhaps. But if I’m searching through hundreds of blogs and forums looking for help and a home page attacks my eyes, then I rarely get as far as the words. However, if the design is great and the content matches up, then you can bet your life I’ll remember you. Here are some of my favourites:

Top tweeters

Some of my top tweeters are also my favourite bloggers, whilst others are just solely summing up life with a chronic illness in 140 characters. (They’re the people I envy most – I struggle to be witty/intelligent/informative in 140 characters or less. Or at all, some days!)

@MSorsomething – The twitter account for Damsel in a Dress where the wit continues.

@AChVoice – Personal tweets, plus retweets from many other accounts. This is a great way of seeing a selection of really good blogs.

@vivatramp – I love that Bee’s twitter bio is writer and poet first, disability second.

@HurtBlogger – Britt’s all famous and that. In the world of rheumatoid arthritis she’s the one to watch.

@CaitLomas – Caitlin is a woman after my own heart. She suffers from chronic illness, but she’s also a TV junkie. What an excellent combo.

@brainstorm83 – A great tweeter on life with chronic migraine.

@serenebutterfly – Rhiann tweets regularly with her own thoughts and blog posts, as well as sharing other excellent posts from other chronic illness bloggers.

@sixhips – Anna’s twitter bio says it all: “Rewriting the rules of what’s possible with rheumatoid arthritis, hip replacements (x6), & pericarditis.” If you’re an active spoonie – or you want to be – then Anna is inspiring with a very giant capital “I”.

Collection accounts

It’s not just individuals that are worth following on Twitter; there are also a number of collection accounts that provide links to a wide number of blogs and articles. Four of my favourites are:

@fibromyalgiaME bio says: “Life doesn’t have to be over when you are chronically ill, you just have to reinvent yourself and what you do.” I’m all about this.

@ChronicBlogs is the Twitter account for the Chronic Illness Bloggers network, of which I am a member and a big fan. They retweet blog posts from across the network.

@BloggingBed is a support account for chronic illness bloggers and, like the above, they share links to all kinds of blogs and articles relating to pain and fatigue.

Inspiring Instagrammers

Chronic illness sufferers on Instagram often post of lot of memes, a lot of quotes and a lot of purple. I personally prefer real ‘grammers that show me a gallery of happiness mixed with coping strategies. You’ll get just that from:

Chronic Illness Communities

If you’re looking for something a bit more two-way and would like an opportunity to get involved and really debate the issues of chronic illness, then an online forum might be the thing for you. The sites below post articles from bloggers (keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see I feature on a couple of them!) but also offer chat forums so you can start discussions with fellow patients.

Favourite facebookers

If Facebook is your preferred social media of choice, then these are my top three accounts to follow.

‘Community’ image via Edward Peake School.