Fighting flares

Remember that awful flare of 2016 that hung around for 11 weeks and threatened to ruin my New Year’s Eve wedding? Well, thankfully it didn’t. It ended mid-December and unbelievably I have spent the first 10 weeks of 2017 flare-free. Last week changed things and I knew it was on its way; I felt the usual trepidation as my legs struggled to walk, my arms struggled to lift and mind struggled to focus.

It may seem weird, but I’m thankful for this flare. Thankful for two reasons. Firstly, we’re three months in to 2017 and it’s been pretty busy, so I’m impressed I made it this far. Secondly, we go on our honeymoon in five weeks so if I’m really lucky, this flare will be over just in time for the fun to start.

The last flare absolutely broke me and I know I need to be stronger than ever to fight this one. I took this photo when I was in South Africa four years ago; it was so hot at the time, the sun was coming over the mountains but there was something in the atmosphere. A storm was brewing. It seemed apt for today’s post.


Today, after the longest week I can remember, I thought about how I would fight this month’s flare. What would I do differently and how would I look after myself? Well, here’s my plan.

#1: Rest.

Fighting isn’t always about being hard, physical and aggressive. Sometimes the fight is in being still and resting. There’s courage in giving in. For the next few weeks my days are busy with work and, in true stupid style, I’ve filled most of my weekday evenings with lovely sociable things that destroy me, so it’s even more important that my weekends are relaxing for the next five weeks. I’m going to lie in, I’m going to eat a lot, and I’m going to chill. It’s going to be awesome and every single one of them will count towards recuperation.

#2: Make changes. 

Today I carried my laptop in my work bag for the fifth day this week. Five days of lugging an old fashioned, chunky, heavy laptop around on my back when technology exists that means I do not have to do this. That nobody has to do this. Why are we all carrying the weight of a filing cabinet on us when iPads and ultrabooks are so much lighter? Large corporates are renowned for being out of touch with technology but this is ridiculous. On Monday, I’m sorting it out.

#3: Routine. 

Holy moly, if I’ve said this once I’ve said it a thousand times and yet I never listen to myself. Do you listen to me? Have you started yoga or mindfulness during a flare to try and keep yourself going? I say it and say it and say it, and my yoga mat stares at me wondering when I’m just going to shut up and get on with it. Well, tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m getting on with it.

So let’s see how this goes. Maybe, with these three steps, I can get this flare over and be done with it in time for Canada.


3 comments on “Fighting flares

  1. u2hearts

    Feel better,

  2. Liselotte

    The very same 3 steps I run like mantra in my head only to end up sucking it up do what I have to do not being able to do it perfekt and not finish anything wine about it have a beer and do the same stupid thing over and over.
    How do you realy learn???
    Have a wonderful honymoon and I realy hope it will bee flarefree 🙂 / Hugs Liselotte

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