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Date weekend in London

I love date night. I’m never too bothered about how we spend it, but I love getting out of the house and doing something away from the daily routine to catch up with my S.O and really spend time together.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that R and I attempted a mini-moon to Tallinn (Estonia’s capital city) last month, but it didn’t go too well. R got flu and we didn’t leave the apartment other than my trips to the supermarket and the pharmacy. Not quite the romantic post-wedding getaway we had planned.


Last weekend we decided to try again – this time in our own capital city, which was massively helped by the fact that my sister’s wedding present to us was a night’s stay in the very beautiful High Road House boutique hotel in South West London.

We kicked off the weekend with Friday night cocktails and Stewart Lee’s Content Provider, a comedy tour I highly recommend if you enjoy dry satirical comedy with a strong focus on history and politics. I hardly ever see live stand-up these days but it’s something I wish I did more of; laughter really is the best medicine and I seriously need to up my dosage.

On Saturday we treated ourselves to lunch at Marcus Wareing’s restaurant at The Berkley – creatively named ‘Marcus‘.  We had cocktails (the theme of the weekend) and a three course set lunch menu with a matching wine list because why the hell not. Cheap it is not but, in the spirit of firmly sticking to my new year’s resolutions, it was one hell of an experience and one I definitely plan on repeating at some point.


Feeling full and tipsy and ready for a snooze, I suggested we go and see the afternoon screening of La La Land. I wholeheartedly adore Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling but had a feeling the film had been over-rated by the critics and would probably a bit pretentious if not a little bit nauseating, so probably a good place to rest my eyes. Ladies and gents, I was wrong. So very wrong. It was WONDERFUL.

Being back in the big city reminded me how much I love London. It has pockets of utter glory and there’s nothing I love more than strolling through the back streets and wistfully admiring the colourful overpriced townhouses on my way to a cosy gastro pub. On Sunday we did just that, and found ourselves at The Smokehouse in Chiswick. I’m pretty critical of a pub roast dinner because it often doesn’t live up to the home-cooked version, but my oh my their roast beef with all the trimmings was absolutely perfect. They have a sister pub in Islington so if you find yourself in North or West London on a cold Sunday lunch time, do yourself a favour and get involved.


As we headed over to High Road House Hotel, I had a bit of a spring in my step. I’m always so envious of people who stay in hotels just for the sake of it and we are not that couple. We have lived together for eight years and we stay in hotels – usually cheap ones – out of the necessity of needing a place to crash, not to indulge in a night of luxury. But High Road House is exactly the place to go to hide away from real life and curl up on a bed so comfortable and in sheets so soft you imagine you’ve died and gone to heaven on a cloud.


We stayed in the Play Room (worth noting the lift doesn’t go all the way to the top floor, so you spoonies have one flight to cope with) and it just screams relaxation – or rather, whispers it in a soft, calming voice. The bath, surrounded by an array of Cowshed products, is just perfect for an evening soak, and the huge shower makes for a refreshing morning wake-up call.


The stay reminded me of two very important things: one, there is quite possibly nothing better than a good mattress with crisp, clean, white bedding and two, it’s good to take time out and stay somewhere quiet for no reason other than to curl up and hide away. It’s heavenly, and in my mind it’s what date weekends are made of.

Now… time to start planning the next one.


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  1. Love that idea 😃

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