How to be a morning person

I’ve never been a morning person. Not that I’m much of a night owl either. I tend to just bob around in some kind of permanently tired state, thinking of how good it would feel to curl up in my pyjamas, drink tea and eat cake in the middle of the day.

I don’t help myself though. I’m one of those people who sets the alarm 20 minutes before they need to get up and then hits the snooze button four times, just to make sure I’m reeeally irritated by the time I finally rise.

When Leesa got in touch with me and asked me if I’d blog about my morning routine, I thought it was probably the motivation I needed to actually get one. Falling asleep at midnight with my phone inches from my face, then waking to the alarm and hitting snooze for as long as I can, changing outfits three times until I’m running late then inhaling tea and toast whilst I blow-dry my hair doesn’t really scream ‘Morning Person’.

It’s so easy to make some very simple changes that will have a big impact on how you start the day, so I’ve decided that – on top of my very solid five new year’s resolutions  I will also commit to a healthier morning routine.


Of the eight things on the list above, I can easily split them in to three categories: the ‘already doing this’, the ‘can do this from today’ and the ‘can achieve this by the end of the year’.

Already ticked:

I already spend my mornings being productive. I make to-do lists as I’m buzzing about, and I respond to emails (often the ones sent from the other side of the world whilst I’ve been asleep) over breakfast or on the train. Productivity was never the issue.

I absolutely never ever skip breakfast. I don’t drink enough water though, so I can (and will) rectify that immediately.

Need to start from today: 

I love the ‘do something positive’ box on this picture. For almost two years I’ve been promising to start my morning with a yoga stretch, and since then I haven’t done it. Not once.

I also don’t know why I don’t plan my outfit the night before. It’s the most simple thing, saves so much time and yet I never do it unless I have a big meeting or something important – and I always think, ‘I really should do this more often’.

About a year ago, we set a bedtime and went upstairs with enough time to read before bed. It forced us to put the screens down and really relax, and we often shared a book and took turns reading to each other. Somewhere along the way that stopped, so I plan on picking that up again.

By this time next year: 

I want a new bed. I’ve wanted a new bed for about five years. I keep saying that if you have chronic pain then a decent bed and mattress are investments worth making, yet every time I start looking at them, the cost makes me think I can probably cope with mine for a bit longer. By 2018 I will have upgraded my bed. Fact.

What do you do to ensure a happy morning?

Image via University of Missouri

Image credit: Zsa Zsa Bellagio (feature image) and Univesity of Missouri (pinnable image)


14 comments on “How to be a morning person

  1. I eat 2 boiled eggs most mornings which take no time at all. It means I don’t need to snack between breakfast and lunch and I have managed to lose weight as well. You clearly don’t need to lose weight but it might you feel healthy.

  2. Marlene Frost

    A good mattress is essential. I find I can’t sleep without my Temperpedic mattress. They are top of the line memory foam. I don’t know if they are available there but I have never regretted buying mine.

    • That’s the second time someone has mentioned Temperpedic mattresses to me in a week! Off to see if they’re sold in the UK… 🙂

      • Barbara Holladay

        I have a waterbed and highly recommend getting one because it prevents a lot of the overall body soreness (not joints) that I used to have. You can heat it if you want although I run hot so I leave mine off year-round with only a light blanket between me and the vinyl and another light or heavier blanket on top depending on the weather. (+ 2 hot cats, one on each side usually. They hate each other.)

        The bed is really easy to wipe down to make allergy free between bedding changes each week and there is no possibility of bed bugs I wouldn’t think, which are rampant around the world now, especially in hotels.

        After reading this, I might put a little coffee pot, fruit, yogurt and biscotti beside the bed to jumpstart my day since I don’t get hungry for hours. I’m a dedicated NightOwl and like it this way but once I get up, I get busy and forget to eat. Not good for the energy level.
        Barb in Texas

  3. I am not a morning person but I agree that a great mattress is really important. I purchased mine last year on a payment plan and it has been totally worth it. The head and the foot of the bed can raise and lower (Via remote control) and that has been really helpful. I pick out my clothes the night before and take my shower the night before so it’s not so challenging in the morning-time. Coffee!! Life would be sad indeed without my morning coffee! Sweet dreams, everybody! =)

  4. Before I got sick I was 100% a morning person. I got up early (4:30 -6 am) to go run or work out most mornings before going to work and generally got up early even on my days off. Mornings became DREADFUL when I got sick and they have been a real struggle for me since. Setting out clothes has been REALLY helpful for me when I have a morning appointment, I don’t know why people don’t do this! Having a cup of coffee ALWAYS makes the mornings a little bit more tolerable, its something Im already looking forward to at bedtime haha! I love some of the tips you’ve included, I may have to introduce a few into my morning routine!

    • I know, I know! The clothes thing is just so simple! Good breakfast cereal always makes me excited the night before – maybe that’s the key… things to be excited about.

  5. I have a wonderful bed – it is all about the mattress!!

  6. I so not a morning person and really should make more of an effort to eat breakfast but usually feel so nauseous that I can’t face anything. I do love a glass of cranberry juice though. I have nominated you for a ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ because I just love your blog and always look forward to reading your posts. As well as all of your hard work raising awareness of chronic illness and taking the time to share others’ posts also. Check it out:

  7. Liselotte

    I don’t understand why you have to be a morning person.
    I’m not and never have been a morning person. To be honest. I’m not a waking up person. No mather time of day i wake up.
    The first 1.5 hour I’m a zombie.
    I look awake…kind of.. but my brain is still asleep. I eat breskfast I drink water but I’m not funktional. The weardest thing is that my husband since like 8 years still don’t get it. He try to plan the day.. give me info about different things and still get confused when I don’t respond….
    Lucky me I work nights 🙂

  8. Liselotte

    When I ‘ve worked days I had to set two alarms one by the bed and the other so I have to get out of bed too shut it of….ugh

    But its like it’s better to be a morning person than a night person..
    At least here up north. Early bird and the worm you know.
    O my morning coffee is done ( 13.07 )
    Have a nice one

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