Fibromyalgia advice column


Long serving and loyal readers will know that once a month I write for New Life Outlook (NLO), a health website that provides advice to readers on coping with chronic pain. I’ve recently decided to stop writing for them because, after publishing 50 articles in the last two years, I feel like I’ve achieved my goal and come to the end of my journey with them.

A photo of a train station. Geddit? Trains, journeys… *ba-boom*

My blog has always been a space for talking through the many elements of chronic pain, sometimes coping and sometimes struggling. It’s also a place I like to be a little sarcastic and a bit reflective. My articles for NLO by contrast (at the request of the NLO team)  are about giving advice on the wide range of challenges that fibromyalgia sufferers face. Happily (or sadly?) nothing dies in the world of the internet, so my articles will no doubt float around and continue to haunt me.

For now, I thought I’d celebrate my time with NLO by posting some links to some of the most popular articles I’ve written.

  1. Managing migraine is hard enough without coping with fibromyalgia as well. Here I share tips for coping with chronic migraine.

  2. Fibro sufferers often ignore new pain, brushing it off as ‘just another symptom’. This article explains why you shouldn’t.

  3. Apparently lots of fibro sufferers struggle to manage their medication and side effects, so I gave some advice on what I’ve learnt in the last eight years.

  4. If you’re a new fibromyalgia sufferer, this one’s for you. This article gives you advice on understanding your tender points and how they’re used in diagnosis

  5. This one is a simple tip to the fibro-sceptics: 10 things you shouldn’t say to fibromyalgia sufferers.

  6. Fibro sufferers are told by medics that our condition is not degenerative or progressive, but sometimes it’s hard to agree. Here I discussed the possibility and how to cope with the issue.

  7. Fibro fog is a symptom I don’t discuss very often on this blog, mainly because it’s the one that worries me the most. Cognitive issues associated with fibromyalgia can be tough to cope with, so I wrote this post on how to cope.

  8. Ever wondered if you’ve been misdiagnosed? I think I’ve considered that about 1,450 times since 2008, so I wrote this post on how to cope with that doubt.