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The alternative halloween

Staying in is the new going out. Didn’t you know? I’m a big fan of reminding myself (and others) that getting involved in the fun and celebrating the holidays doesn’t have to mean going out and putting your body through strain. Staying in can be just as good.

When it comes to halloween my usual approach is to stay in, turn out the lights and when the trick or treaters come knocking, I do the sensible thing and pretend I’m not home. Young kids in Scream masks are frickin’ scary.

But, when HMV gave me the opportunity to collaborate on a post for the perfect halloween night in, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get involved without leaving my sofa.

HMV gifted me two spooky DVDs and a collection of halloween themed treats in exchange for an honest product review. Although the products were a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

Skull bunting and candles to get in to the halloween mood

My halloween-themed treats had me perfectly prepared a spooky night in. I gathered blankets, popcorn, skull candles and bunting and hours of viewing with two DVDs. Perfect.

There’s something good about creating a fuss. You get caught up in excitement by creating an atmosphere, getting friends involved and making an event. It’s what takes your evening from ‘lonely girl watching TV’ to ‘awesome halloween night in’.

I figured if I’m going all out with skulls and mood lighting, I might as well add a pumpkin to the mix too. Before I knew it, I had a house full of on-theme decor and a window that said, “come on trick-or-treaters, this is a house that welcomes halloween fun”. (It’s probably worth saying, the pumpkin stayed in the window long enough for me to take this photo. After that I removed it; I didn’t want the neighbours thinking it was okay to trick or treat. I may have taken a small step towards embracing the horror, but spiders and witches and fancy dress are still too creepy.)

My perfect pumpkin

The best thing about staying in is you get to rest that body whilst spending time with the people you want to surround yourself by. You can drink cocktails and eat in your pyjamas and make your night as wild or as tame as you want. You set the rules.

What’s not to love? Plus, it’s a great way to start the ‘best horror film’ debate. As a total wuss I can tell you our two films were a good mix – Hocus Pocus was a hit whilst The Exorcist required a bit less attention. What would be your choice? Happy Halloween!

Cocktails, films, and brain sweets. Obviously.

Thanks to HMV for reminding me that staying in with a good film is a great way to have fun.


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