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Homemade blackberry vodka – part one

Before you can make homemade blackberry vodka, you have to pick a lot of blackberries. This year we’re planning to make about 5 litres of the stuff for our wedding in December, so many an evening is spent walking along the canal, searching for brambles. It’s really quite idyllic, and the fact there’s vodka at the end of it is nothing short of an added bonus.


You would think I might have tired of this tiny stretch of canal by my house, but I really haven’t. In the summer months the boat yard has been busier than usual, but it still seems so calm and peaceful. Maybe that’s because I’m still comparing it to our last house on the south circular in South East London. The house boats have moored and I love nothing more than wandering along the narrow path, picking my boat of choice.


Still, this wasn’t about picking boats. We were picking blackberries. Big, ripe, juicy blackberries. Last year we made this sloe gin and it was amazing, so I’m hoping this year’s vodka will be just as good. Fingers crossed anyway – we plan on serving it to 70 people.




Living with chronic pain means that country walks don’t happen as often as I’d like. In fact, the chance that I’ll get a perfect summer evening on the same day that I feel healthy is fairly unlikely so days like today have to be embraced. Embraced, documented with multiple photographs, and blogged about. Because isn’t this what we’re all striving for? Those moments of good health that you just want to box up and pack away, ready to re-live when you’re short of spoons.



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