The 18 feels of fibromyalgia

As some of you may know, apparently it’s not enough for me to chat about chronic pain on this blog;  I also like to talk about it in other corners of the internet. You can check out some of my favourite articles that I’ve written for other pain bloggers and health sites, but today I want to share one I’ve written for New Life Outlook on how it actually feels to have fibromyalgia.

Maybe some of these will resonate with you as a sufferer, or will help you understand the condition a friend is coping with.

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“What does fibromyalgia feel like? What a question to try and answer.

Fibromyalgia is a condition that is all about feelings; the feeling of pain, of exhaustion, of depression and despair. It’s a condition which impacts our ability, our confidence, our families and our friends — and to make it even harder, it affects all of us in completely different ways.

I’m a week into a fibromyalgia flare-up at the moment, so I’ve been keeping notes on how it actually feels. Here are 18 things I’ve felt this week — physical, mental and emotional.

  1. My muscles feel like I went to Body Pump last night, and then squeezed in a spin class before work this morning.
  1. My knee joints feel so painful I think they’re about to come apart, like a raggedy old doll who’s been pulled in too many directions too many times.
  1. My fingers hurt with every touch of the keyboard, like I broke them months ago and the bones haven’t recovered properly.
  1. It feels like my muscles are bubbling away under my skin, tiny little spasms that last for hours.
  1. Walking feels like I’m wading through mud up to my thighs and all I want to do is lie down in it.”

>> Read numbers 6 – 18 in the full article on New Life Outlook.


8 comments on “The 18 feels of fibromyalgia

  1. I need to print out this list and read it at length to every health care i come across, everytime i speak to them – i was sleeping but the pain work me up with a jolt ;(

  2. Thank you for the article. It makes me feel less alone knowing others can relate to what I am going through with constant pain from Chronic Lyme Disease. I use art to help me through the toughest times. Here’s to getting to the “better” part of the cycle. xo

    • It’s so interesting how so many invisible illnesses share these chronic pain feelings. I really enjoy using art too… I need to do it more often. Fingers crossed you’re in less pain soon x

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