A luxury shepherd’s hut in the South Downs

It’s been three long months, but I finally have WiFi back! Fiiiinally. Life feels normal again. There is Netflix and Amazon Prime, there is Pinterest and Twitter and, best of all, there are blogs. It’s a world I had almost forgotten existed.

And so, with a plan to get back to my old blogging ways pretty sharpish, I find myself back at my laptop thinking you’ve all missed so much. Where to start…

Why, with a tin of luxury of course.


A few weeks ago R and I took a day off work and spent the long weekend in a Wriggly Tin. Located in a field in the South Downs, we were without electricity, mobile phone signal and WiFi – so not too dissimilar to the situation at home.

I booked the Barrow hut, ideally snug for a pair of overworked city-dwellers who were desperate for a slice of country living. I booked it back in November when we were still living in London, but even now with the countryside on our doorstep, spending two nights in a shepherd’s hut was just what the doctor ordered.



The barrow hut oozes sunshine yellow and, armed with board games and red wine, we were ready for a cosy night in. I didn’t take any pictures, but R cooked for us by candlelight – a meal of roast beef and trimmings cooked in the wood burning stove. This man, I tell you. Such a show off!

On Saturday morning we woke up to the breakfast basket, which I’d pre-ordered from our host Alex. Locally sourced bacon, sausages, eggs, home-baked bread and a bottle of apple juice. (And thankfully, a tin of Heinz baked beans too.)

With our own personal fire pit, we watched the pot boil as the sun rose and then cooked a breakfast fit for Kings. Queens, even.




Over what I will forever refer to as ‘the best breakfast I have ever had’, we planned a walk for the day. As someone who has suffered from chronic pain for over seven years, long country walks are not high on my list of favourite things to do. In fact, in recent years, R has gone on camping trips with the boys or we’ve gone for weekends away with friends so that I can stay in the cottage whilst the walkers go out for the day. Even now, I don’t know what made me agree to the eight mile walk to the ridge of the downs.

But I did. And I survived.



We had glorious weather and, as we walked through fields of bright yellow rapeseed, I was reminded of my PF days (pre-fibro) when R and I would often go for a weekend stroll.

Needless to say, this walk featured several stops – including a ploughmans pub lunch and the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had – but I survived and, more than that, I enjoyed it! In fact, I loved it. I came back exhausted and, two weeks on I don’t think I’ve completely recovered – I am sleeping whenever and wherever at the moment – but my pain is as manageable as normal and I don’t seem to have done any damage.


We got back to the fire pit and sat around the flames before getting into the warmth of the tin and a night of card games, bread, cheese and wine.

Dreamy. It’s what long weekends are made of.


5 comments on “A luxury shepherd’s hut in the South Downs

  1. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful weekend. What a lovely place, it sounds very relaxing. And way to go!! It’s amazing when you get those moments of feeling “normal”. So happy for you πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Beautiful photos.

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