The cycle of pain

Oh, pain. How you play with me.

Today I had a moment where I realised the phases of the chronic pain cycle never fail to surprise me. I am constantly astounded, impressed or furious at the way my body and my mind responds to coping with pain – like I haven’t been here before.

The length of each phase varies, but it’s always there. It’s always in cycle. It’s always chronic pain. the cycle

Aaaaaand repeat.

Over and over and over again.



11 comments on “The cycle of pain

  1. Yep, that’s exactly it. I’m currently in ‘I’m tired’ after having a few okay weeks, getting pretty frustrated now too.

  2. I understand. Really, I do. Argh! Hugs

  3. Barbara Marincel

    Yup! I’m back in “I’m angry” right now…and my frustration is skyrocketing. Thanks for posting this, it’s so nice to know that I’m not alone!

  4. Jill Jensen

    The pain cycle graphic is spot on! It’s perfect for sharing!! I’d love to post on Facebook. Can you send me just the graphic and permission to use?

    • Hi Jill, if you like you can just go to my Facebook page and share the link I posted. Alternatively drop me a note via my “Contact” page on the blog and I’ll reply with the image. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bianca S

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and such a personal blog with your readers. I was really happy to find your story and I know there are so many people out there who can empathize and relate. I know there is nothing out there that can get rid of the pain completely and as a chronic pain sufferer myself I am just constantly searching for way to alleviate my symptoms. I wanted to recommend a book that has helped me immensely called “Walking Well Again: Neutralize the Hidden Causes of Pain” by doctor Stuart Goldman ( The book is for absolutely anyone who is looking to understand the root cause of their pain better as well as how to reduce the pain without having to partake in surgeries or take medication. I find this to be so important because medication is not really fixing the problem, just taking away the pain. He also provides many case studies and examples, which are so helpful because you learn what has worked for others who suffer from a pain similar to your own.There are over 80 personal success stories within the book and it is inspirational and a must read. Hope you will check it out

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