Creative Moments: March #mymindfulyear

Image via Chic Vintage Brides


Regular readers will know I have an on-again-off-again relationship with mindfulness. I like to pretend we’ve got a good thing going, but in reality we’re not really… connecting. I can talk the talk I need someone to keep me on track, and that’s where Sas Petherck comes in.

You may have seen my January and February odes to mindfulness, which both came as a result of the #mymindfulyear campaign – somewhat of a guidance councillor for me and my mindful life.  Each month I find myself looking forward to the next instalment (I know, I know, that right there is a reason to make more time for this) but I was a bit disappointed to see this month’s theme: “Creative Moments”.

To me, creativity is a way of life… but not my way of life. It’s maxi skirts and vintage dresses, it’s flower crowns and art supplies, it’s poetry and homemade cakes. It is not pencil skirts and corporate jobs with a part-time blog to cope with chronic pain. It’s not planning and organising, no, it’s spontaneous and carefree.

But, although I don’t feel creativity running through my bones, I can’t deny that my blog is certainly a creative outlet for my thoughts and stresses – and I sometimes forget its importance in my daily life. It’s been a long six weeks without wifi (yes, still ongoing) and in that time my blog has taken a massive hit. I’ve written less, I’ve photographed less, I’ve engaged with the spoonie community less, and I have thought about my health less. In some ways it’s been quite nice to take a break, but after six weeks I’m starting to feel the frustration build.

I’m not a painter, I’m not a writer, I’m not a baker… but this little corner of the internet is the only way I know how to be. Whether it’s creativity or frustration (or both) that got us here, here we are. I keep coming back to this place because it’s comfortable, it’s comforting and it’s my rare moment of creativity.

But I still look ridiculous in a flower crown.


1 comment on “Creative Moments: March #mymindfulyear

  1. saspetherick

    beautiful! and yes yes yes you are SO creative – there is something about a constraint (financial, health, time) that brings out all kinds of innovation and creativity.

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