Monday Joy

Monday joy

If you’re new to my blog, Monday’s are kinda cool around here. By which I mean, a bit lazy and full of pretty pictures. You see, on Monday evenings I share my favourite Pins of the week in the hope we can all start the week feeling a little bit joyful.

Pop back tomorrow when I’ll be sharing my thoughts on having children – or not, as the case may be.

The Difter Leather
Perfect for dancing. Or, more preferably, sitting. [Image via The Drifter Leather]
Fine Ting.jpg
This just gives me all the joyful feels. [Image via Fine Ting]
West Elm.jpg
I quite fancy a yellow door. [Image via West Elm]
Splodgy plates. [Image via Cate]
I’m not a vinyl girl, but at times like this I wish I was. [Image via Viva la Creatica]

Oh Walt.

Happy Monday folks. I hope you have a happy, healthy week. See you tomorrow for something altogether more serious.





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