Learning to relax: January #mymindfulyear

As some of you may remember, I spent 2015 following Yvette Jane’s “365 Days of Mindfulness” to try and live a calmer, more mindful existence. I shared the most relevant tip at the end of each month, and if you missed them you can read some of my favourites from August, October and November.

When the year ended I passed the pocketbook on to my sister in the hope she too would adopt some of the simple, practical recommendations, but I wondered how I would stay focused without my monthly guide. And then I read this post on lifestyle blog Me & Orla. Sara shared her plans for a mindful 2016 and encouraged readers to sign up to Sas Petherick‘s emails, in which Sas shares a new mindful theme each month. Perfect! If you fancy getting involved, hop on over to Me & Orla where you can find all the details, plus the link to sign up to #mymindfulyear. Check out Sas Petherick’s blog too.

me and orla.png
Image via ‘A Mindful 2016’ on Me & Orla

To start 2016 in the way we mean to continue, January’s theme is ‘Restful Moments’ and it fits perfectly with my new year’s resolution to do less stuff. The beginning of January was pretty chaotic as we tried to muddle through sorting out new jobs and houses, but I’ve finally had my first completely free weekend to do nothing but rest, and oh what a heavenly treat it was!

How do you rest? For me it’s about creating a scene, creating an environment where I’m surrounded by things that make me happy and calm. I’m a simple girl who likes simple things, so my go-to calm-inducing environment is mainly made up of tea, food, knitwear and a good book/blog.

My weekend kicked off with an excessive lie-in, which was made even better by the fact I could feel the cold chill in the air but knew I could stay wrapped up in my cosy duvet for as long as I wanted. My bed was the perfect cocoon and I could have stayed there all day if it wasn’t for my craving of tea and croissants.



There’s something about a pot of tea that feels more exciting and more restful than a cup. I think it’s the feeling of endless tea; nowhere to go, nothing to do, just tea to drink.


I started reading The Goldfinch this month and I’m really loving it. I know I’m a bit behind here, the whole world is already over this book but please – no spoilers. I sat reading all morning, chain drinking tea and feeling nothing but restful. I can’t remember the last time I spent time at home reading. There’s normally so much to ‘do’ that reading is saved for my commute, so it was really lovely to spend some me-time with my book.


And when the croissants were gone… I moved on to the doughnuts. See? Food = rest.


It’s safe to say healthy eating goes right out the window when me and Sunday are left to our own devices. And I’m okay with it.

What do you do to rest and unwind?


8 comments on “Learning to relax: January #mymindfulyear

  1. I love this! Do less stuff. Definitely x I’m so glad you got to cuddle in your duvet all morning. And I agree with you on the pot of tea… endless tea. It’s almost like it feels nice not to have those limitations. Haha xx

  2. I have a 20 month old so restful moments tend to coincide with nap time. I’m usually hugging a cup of tea myself while doing something on my tablet. I cherish moments like these, week fine you for giving yourself that time. It’s so important, even more so suffering from fm 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, a 20 month old?! I have so so much respect for you… I don’t know how parents manage day-to-day when they’re healthy, but when you’re coping with health challenges as well? Crazy! Good on you – hope you manage to get lots of tea breaks this week.

  3. Hey lovely! This is such a lovely window into how you are embracing rest. BRAVO. I’m with you on the tea/book/knitwear combo 🙂
    So glad you are joining in xx

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