Monday Joy

Monday joy

It’s Monday folks. Here’s the joy!

Cup of Jo
I love this image from A Cup of Joy
You Quen
Thinking more and more about a sleeve. Image via You Queen
Des Petit Shauts
All of this. Image via Des Petit Shauts
Fashion Squad
Books and books. Image via Fashion Squad
Cherry Bombed.gif
And today, for this man. RIP David Bowie. 

4 comments on “Monday joy

  1. That tattoo is gorgeous! If you don’t mind the pain, I say go for it!!! I’m a big chicken, therefore I only have 1 tattoo. Lol The picture with the tree is particularly lively. Trees always make me think of the past and the future because many of them were here before us and they’ll be here after we’re gone too (hopefully). Have a beautiful and as-pain-free-as-possible week. x

    • Ooh that’s a lovely way to think about the trees! I’d not really thought about that before. I have two tattoos and have two more planned… but I could be tempted to go bigger and bolder! Hope you have a good week too xx

  2. I LOVE that mustardy cardigan. What kind of sleeve would you get? I’ve contemplated getting a giant tattoo that wraps around my calf, but big tattoos tend to be big money. 🙂

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