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Bloggers love blogs – Part four

It’s been a while since I’ve suggested some new bloggers for you, and this is going to be a good installment – so you can’t say I never do anything nice for you!

Part OnePart Two and Part Three all shared some of my long-standing favourite bloggers and their pretty incredible blogs. From Me & Orla to Lobster and Swan, and from Bleubird to The Londoner, lifestyle blogs continue to be the way I relax. Tea, cake and 24 blogs please.

Today I thought I’d share five new recommendations, each slightly different to the other four. And to kick things off…

#1: Hey Natalie Jean 

Natalie describes her lifestyle blog as “a love letter from me to my family”, which I think is kind of adorable. She’s a fantastic writer with a wonderful, witty tone and her pictures are pretty great too, but the icing on the cake is the fact that her blog seems so natural, so homely and not too styled.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

#2 – A Cup of Jo 

Jo writes her blog in a style unlike any other I’ve come across. Its format is like that of an online magazine and acts almost as an aggregator for other excellent things online. Her posts can be crazy short – closer to a Facebook status thought than a blog post – but they are always varied, always professional and always a worthwhile read.  Check her out and fall in love.

A Cup Of Jo

#3 – Wolves in London

I mentioned Sabrina when I wrote about this year’s Blogtacular conference. Prior to the event I didn’t know her or her blog and it’s fair to say I now know both of those a lot better – and they’re both awesome. Sabrina’s blog is gentle and calming, and makes for a very wonderful – and unusual – tour of London.  She’s witty and dry (pretty high on my ‘likeable qualities in human beings’ list) and takes the most detailed, beautiful photographs of things I wouldn’t even notice, never mind photograph. If you want to see what Sabrina has in store for her readers this year, check out this post.


#4 – Love My Dress 

Okay, so it’s probably time to admit that wedding blogs are my guilty pleasures. Lifestyle blogs are my go-to on an average day but on a bad day, the wedding blogs are coming out in full force and top of the list, without fail, is Love My Dress. Whilst I love the writing and the images, most of all I love the design of this site. It’s easy to navigate, posts are easily categorised and everything is so clean and professional. I just love it. If you’re getting married then man alive, this needs to be your bible.

Love My Dress

#5: Hope in Pain

First and foremost I blog about life with chronic pain. Sure, I *love* to rabbit on about travel and food and fashion and… well, anything, but coping with pain is what this is all about. More and more spoonies are vocalising their journey, and Elizabeth is one of my favourites. She’s honest, clear and – above all – positive. She writes really well and gives great advice to patients trying to manage their pain. If you’re a fellow spoonie, Elizabeth is definitely one for your list.

Hope in Pain

Enjoy! I’d love to know what you think of these bloggers. Do you share my enthusiasm for their excellent blogs? And which bloggers would you recommend?


4 comments on “Bloggers love blogs – Part four

  1. Thanks so much lovely. I have never thought of my blog as calm or gentle, so I am very excited to be described as such, ha ha! And flattered to be in such excellent company… Oooh and thank you for the kind photography compliment too, I am always very down on my photography so doubly delighted.

    Hope all going well with the huge commute and job.

  2. Hello Sarah
    I’ve found you through your fibro contribution on Donnas ‘fed up with fatigue’ blog. I totally agree with you about heat (especially as I suffer with raynauds secondary to my lupus). I’ve even been known to wear gloves in summer! I’ve not seen any of the blogs you mention but I’ll be checking out ‘hopeinpain’ for sure! My favourite blogs are all food related like mine (www.LifeDietHealth.wordpress.com) and currently are Foodbod for delicious healthy vegetarian food with gorgeous photos and Sophies Foodie Files which has healthy, often gluten or dairy free recipes. Sending you gentle hugs and lots of warmth! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your commend – and you’re recommendations. I’ve just had a quick look at them and they look great – including yours. I can already see myself getting very inspired by your food! I’m a fellow glove wearer but I don’t suffer with raynauds, so you have my sympathy. Gentle warm hugs to you and thanks for getting in touch, it’s always so lovely to be in touch with fellow spoonies! x

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