Monday Joy

Monday joy

For many of you, today was the first day back at work after the Christmas break. Did you survive without a regular dose of sherry and mince pies?

I was lucky enough to have today off, which means I have been full of joy since 8am this morning. But don’t worry, I’ve wiped the smug smile off my face because tomorrow is my first day in a new job… cue first day at school nerves and the obvious wardrobe panic.

I don’t really do ‘office chic’ (pyjama chic is more my thing) so I took to Pinterest for some inspiration and my dose of Monday joy.


Stylish Wife
Image via Stylish Wife
Rue des Renards
Image via Rue des Renards
Image via IGN
No source
Image – No source
The Berry
Image via The Berry
Image via Feedly

These are all so lovely, I want to get back to work right away!


4 comments on “Monday joy

  1. Oh that grey skirt! Heaven…

  2. Catherine

    They grey skirt is my favourite too!

  3. Good luck at your new job (and the office chic!). One of my favourite parts about working at home teaching kids is that I don’t need to get all fancy…but then I see outfits like this and want to get all fancy!

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