The links between the body and the mind

Image by Emkel Dikia

We all know that the body and the mind are closely connected. Physical pain can cause mental pain, just as mental anguish can have an effect on our body.

I start my new job next week. I’m not particularly nervous about it, but it’s been on my mind over Christmas. I’ve thought about the commute, my first day outfit, what I need to take, what I need to ask… and today I woke up in what I’ve come to recognise as the start of a flare up. After what was a pretty good end to 2015, today I would describe as a day for “all the pains”.

My back pain is intense, my stomach is cramping, my neck is sore and the bones in my fingers and toes are hurting. My arms ache and I feel like they’re covered in bruises, though I know they’re not.

Maybe it’s just coincidence that my flare up has started today, or maybe it’s because I didn’t rest enough over the Christmas period. Maybe it’s because I danced too much on New Year’s Eve, or maybe – just maybe – it’s because my body and my mind are in cahoots and when one spots a problem the other likes to get involved. Who knows. But well done Oh God of Fibro-Flares. My first flare of 2016 and it’s only day two. Well played.


4 comments on “The links between the body and the mind

  1. For me, stress and anxiety can quietly wreak havoc. Sometimes I’m not even that aware of it until it manifests itself physically. I hope that if it is that, once you are in the new job and relax a bit things will improve for you. Best of luck! You’ll do great 🙂

    • Thanks Donna 🙂 It sometimes feels like my body and mind are the best of friends and I’m just an innocent bystander! Hope you have an easy January and a healthy start to 2016.

  2. The times when you go to bed just hoping that the ache in your coccyx is going to dissipate, and you wake up the next day, feeling stiff as a plank. I have anxiety issues that always impact on my pain levels. Even when I’ve psyched myself into thinking I’m fine, my body thinks praise. I hope your pain levels have calmed down since this post x

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