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Best bits of 2015

If you’re new to A Life Less Physical, there’s a chance you’ve missed out on some pretty awesome moments during 2015.  You’ve also missed out on some dull ones but we’ll skip over those.

Here are the links to some of my favourite and most popular blog posts of 2015, plus the most popular articles I’ve written for other bloggers. Why not check them out with a glass of sherry and a mince pie to see off the Christmas period.

Image via Etsy

Fibromyalgia posts included this one about my flare up, this one questioning my diagnosis and this one which focuses on the importance of balance as part of my year of mindfulness challenge.


2015 was the year for being sensible whilst still getting out and about, and top posts include my tips for surviving music festivals, a night at the comedy store, and the continuation of my book club.


If you can’t share the thoughts in your head with strangers on the internet, who can you share those thoughts with? My most popular thoughts on life have included the list of my favourite things, making these three easy changes for a happier life, and my ode to International Women’s Day.

pancake day2

My love for food continues and my favourite experiences have been this sustainable approach to healthy living, my three course pancake meal on Shrove Tuesday, and this incredible seabass and chorizo chutney recipe.


It’s been an amazing year of travel, and highlights have included this trip to Paris, a wonderful weekend in Amsterdam, and this romantic getaway to a hidden hut in the woods.

Finally, this year I’ve had the pleasure of writing articles and guests posts for other health and wellness websites. Favourites include this post on fibromyalgia tender points and this one on cannabis for chronic pain – both for New Life Outlook, as well as this one for February Stars on coping with the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

I hope you had a wonderful 2015 and that you enjoyed the posts on A Life Less Physical. Here’s to an even better year ahead.


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