Fibromyalgia Mindfulness

Mindfulness: December


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Remember to breathe. It sounds so ridiculous, doesn’t it? As if I could possibly forget!

But it’s true. For those of you who truly breathe, you will know the real benefits of slowly, deeply, breathing Oxygen in to every part of your being.

In December, I flicked through Yvette Jane’s 365 Days of Mindfulness for what would be the last time. I liked many of the tips, some suggesting I go for a walk and think about the journey instead of the destination, and others suggesting I focus on slowing down at a time of year when things typically speed up. But the one that I really liked was;

“Notice as anxiety builds up you may unconsciously hold your breath. Stop and allow your breathing to become slower and deeper before you continue on your way.”

This year I went to see a hypnotherapist for the first time. It was part of some research I was doing for New Life Outlook’s YouTube channel. I found a local hypnotherapist who had experience working with fibromyalgia patients, and I (who was somewhat cynical about it to begin with) found it a really beneficial experience. You can watch my 3 minute video here.

Whilst fibromyalgia was the main focus of our sessions, my therapist also taught me tips for coping with migraine and anxiety – and at the heart of it was the ability to breathe. To slowly, deeply breathe, controlling the moment and thinking of nothing else but the controlled breath in, and the relaxing breath out.

Since learning to breathe – really breathe – I have been able to control the severity of a migraine and manage to reduce the sickness that accompanies anxiety. I haven’t yet been able to breathe the pain away but who knows, maybe I just need to practice.

I think the main reason I chose this mindfulness tip is that I want to end the year in the way I intend to go forward. I want to strip away the chaos and the nonsense, and take something from those I envy. I want things to be simple, to be clear, to be basic. And what better way to start, than be simply learning to breathe.


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