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‘Tis the season

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Who would have predicted that Christmas, the season for rest and relaxation, would be the time that I got whacked in the face by the motivation to blog? I was planning to reappear in the New Year, but I imagined I would have to force myself to sit down and write a post – just like the first day back at school after the holidays.

When I think about it though, it makes perfect sense. I’m off work, I’m living in pyjamas and my brain is no longer running my to-do list on repeat. I’ve gone back to basics and my thought process is mainly: eat – sleep – eat – repeat.

I should probably give some kind of explanation for my blogging hiatus – although I should warn you, it’s not a very interesting story. There’s no drama, no panic, no news or story of which to speak. It just got a bit… much. In October we put our London flat up for sale, and put an offer on a country cottage in Oxfordshire. At the same time, R got a new job closer to home and then so did I. Whilst trying to organise two job moves, a house sale and a house purchase, I was doing some writing for New Life Outlook and trying to wind things up at work before I left. It all got so busy that blogging became a chore, something on the to-do list to roll my eyes at, and that went against my blogging rules which, quite simply, are; 1) Stop blogging when you stop enjoying it, and 2) Don’t get obsessed with your stats.

A couple of weeks ago I thought I might never blog again. One less thing to do was helping me to feel less stressed, and I suddenly became very anxious and somewhat cynical about the whole blogging thing. At what insane moment did I decide that putting my every thought and movement online was a good idea? Even Facebook was seeming intrusive so blogging just seemed like a very naive idea.

Still, Christmas day struck and whilst I lay on my sofa with my belly in the air, I felt compelled to pick up my laptop. So hello! I’m back. I’ve redesigned the blog, I’ve written a bit of plan so hopefully 2015 will be the year that I stop doubting the blogger in me and just go for it.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and that you have a wonderful New Year. I look forward to spending 2016 with you. x


2 comments on “‘Tis the season

  1. Oh, wow, what a busy time! Wishing you all the best for your (very exciting) new year. x

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