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Three great things that happened this week

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I know I owe you an actual blog post, but right now I just want to update you on three awesome things.

  1. I vlogged. I know, it’s ridiculous. But, at the request of New Life Outlook I tried hypnotherapy for chronic pain and you can see my report here.
  2. Last week I wrote about things I love in this post, “is there anything better?” A friend of mine who is an excellent primary school teacher decided to set this task to her students and here is the fantastic list they came up with. (My personal favourite:Β Is there anything better than being able to be yourself? *LOVE*)
  3. This article, which I wrote on whether or not fibromyalgia is progressive, has 131,500 likes. Mental. So, check it out if it’s a topic you’re interested in.

Happy Thursday folks. Hope your day is full of awesome things.


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