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Re-cap on resolutions

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Back on New Year’s Day 2015 I wrote this post about my resolutions for the year. I was sitting in my armchair at the start of a new year, waxing lyrical about all the amazing new things that I would do and be. So how successful was I? Let’s see.

#1. Revisit a favourite place from my childhood

I have not done this. Good start.

#2. Visit a city in the UK that I have never been to

I haven’t done this either. I went to Leeds and Bristol, two cities I have only been to once before so… half a point?

#3. Swim, meditate and/or do Pilates

I did not swim, and I did not do Pilates, but I did meditate once.

#4. Take a social media break

Oh crikey, this isn’t going well. This didn’t happen either.

#5. Schedule my blog posts

Oh I did this! Again, only once, but it got a really good response so I should probably do it again.

#6. Frame family photos

Oh for goodness sake. Why did I set myself such silly resolutions?

#7. Explore parts of London I’ve never visited

Still no. But, as I’m leaving soon, this will definitely be done.

#8. Use more real photography

Yes! Finally! I did the 30 day photo challenge and since then have been using my photos rather than stock photos wherever possible. I could do better, but at least I’m doing something.

#9. Get in to the countryside

I’m moving there, so I’d say I’ve smashed this one.

#10. Read more books

Yes! Book club has been going strong for over a year and I’ve read an abundance of good books – and a pretty big number of crap ones too.

Okay so next year , I’m going to set a smaller number of resolutions. I think that’s what we’ve all learnt here.


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