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Is there anything better?


Is there anything better after a long day at work than coming home and taking off your bra?

Is there anything better than waking up late on a Saturday morning, knowing you have no plans and so you spend the morning sitting in pyjamas and eating American pancakes?

Is there anything better than a home-cooked roast dinner and a glass of red wine on a cold, foggy, Sunday afternoon?

Is there anything better than a walk through the fields on a crisp, bright autumn morning?

Is there anything better than reading a book so completely encapsulating that you ignore everything and everyone around you – even on the 08:06 into London?

Is there anything better than getting stuck in traffic, only to find you stumble across the most brilliant and engaging play on Radio 4 – and then sitting in your parked car on the driveway until it finishes?

Is there anything better than brunch, afternoon tea and pizza?

No, no there isn’t.

This was my favourite blog post ever. It’s a lot of fun to sit down and think about all the things that make you feel incredibly happy with life. All of these things make me feel giddy with happiness! What would be on your list?


4 comments on “Is there anything better?

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  2. Hahaha I love this!! Did NOT what to expect at all, and you’ve inspired me. There is nothing better than a Sunday roast and a lazy afternoon. And there’s absolutely nothing better than getting to stay in bed with a luxurious cup of coffee and a good book or blog for a few hours. And there’s nothing better than pumpkin spiced everything. x Thanks for sharing xx

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