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Mindfulness: October

Country walk, rolling hills

It’s that time again. Another month has flown by and this month’s mindfulness tips from Yvette Jane have done what they always do – refreshed and re-focused me.

From her 365 Days of Mindfulness pocketbook, I found it tough to choose a favourite tip. She suggested making more of an effort to keep in touch with friends – even if it was just sending a postcard – which is something I desperately need to do more of. I have been a bad communicator this year. She also suggested focusing on one thing at a time, and finishing a task completely before starting another one. Again, I am bad at this and so this too is something to think about.

But the tip I’ve decided to focus on is a quote from Hamlet.


That Shakespeare fella really knew what he was talking about. I’ve written before about my need to find balance in my thoughts and behaviours – instead of being the all or nothing gal I am at heart – and I think this month’s tip is probably along the same lines.

Last week I mentioned that we’re leaving the big old London town for the simple life in an Oxfordshire village, and I regularly catch myself wondering if we’ve made the right decision. One moment I’m angry at shared bins, noisy traffic and pollution, convinced we’ve made the right call, and the next moment I’m planning after-work pizza and Saturday morning brunch, worried I’m going to be lonely and pizza-less in village life.

In actual fact, it will probably be a bit of all of those things. No decision is ever completely perfect, nor completely devastating. There will be things about country life that will have me cursing the day we left London, but I still curse the day we moved to London when I’m stood with my head in someone’s armpit on the underground, or it takes me an hour to drive eight miles. In trying to label all of our decisions with a thumbs up or thumbs down, we cause ourselves so much anguish and put unmanageable pressure on our next decision.

I wrote this post almost eight months ago and you can hear my frustration at not knowing what is “good” and what is “bad”. Well, maybe it’s neither. Maybe it’s both. Maybe it just is.

What a thought! What a revelation! There are no labels. It just is.


3 comments on “Mindfulness: October

  1. Crikey, that is a revelation! I spend about 30% of my life agonising over the exact same decision and unsure whether to leave or stay, leave or stay, leave or stay, looking for the perfect solution. I feel as if one side or other should tip the balance and either the pro or con list MUST win out. This is a pretty crazy notion that perhaps there is no right or wrong choice, ha ha ha.

    By the way, message me and let me know which village you’re moving to! I have good friends in Oxford I’ll put you in touch with, if you fancy. xxx

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