You move, you change


A while ago I wrote this post on blogging and oversharing. I was motivated and on a mission, and I decided it was time to up my game from mediocre blogger to hopefully-quite-a-good blogger. I announced with as much grandeur and excitement as I could muster that I would do this by posting more and sharing more and generally being… more.

And then I went kinda quiet.

The thing is, the problem with blogging about your life is that sometimes things happen that you just can’t talk about. It means you have no choice but to leave your blog and, instead, live your life until you have something to share.

And now, share I will.

Ever since R and I moved to London last year, we’ve been talking about where we’ll go next. Not because we don’t love London, but because it was never meant to be a long-term thing – more of a summer fling that carried on until we met someone else.

Last month R got himself a fancy new job. Calling it a “dream job” suggests he gets to spend all day in his pyjamas writing food reviews from his house (now that would be a dream job) but it’s certainly up there on the list of things he realistically wants to do that our relevant to his skills and experience. Crikey – I think I preferred calling it a dream job.

Anyway, said dream job is in Oxford which means after just one exciting year in the big city, we’re moving back to the place I grew up and the place where we met. It was always on the cards and I jumped at the chance to move out of our postage-stamp-sized flat and into a house with a spare room and a garden. Londoners, can you even imagine such a place?!

This has been on down low for a while, and I have been only slightly very stressed as we work out where we will live and how my work will fit in and blah blah blah. Now that it’s sorted, blog posts will mainly be about leaving London – and packing in as much as I can before we do – and moving to the countryside.

Sorry for the silence, let the good times commence!