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How to spend 48 hours in Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

This time last week I was on my way home from three days in Paris, and I’m pretty sure it was the best weekend of my entire life. No exaggeration, it was all kinds of amazing. I had decided that, after last year’s stress and anxiety leading up to my 30th birthday celebrations, this year I wouldn’t do anything to acknowledge the aging process. R asked if he could plan a surprise instead and I happily agreed. The next thing you know – we’re in Paris!

Paris metro

If you have three days in Paris and you’re less physical than you might like, use those metros like your life depends on it. Mine does, and they were just brilliant. Metro stations seem to be much closer together in Paris than in London, and once you’re underground the platform is more often than not directly in front of you. It is not a three mile walk from the bottom of the escalator to the platform, as our very own TFL would have you experience from time to time.

Paris business district

This was the view when we got off the metro at Esplanade de La Defense by our hotel. Although R was panicking that he had picked a hotel in the business district that would be made up of grumpy old men in suits, I loved the contrast to the older buildings in central Paris where we spent our days. Plus, being slightly further away from the centre (20 mins on the metro) meant we could afford a nicer hotel room and enjoy breakfast in bed. Pretty sure breakfast in bed is the mark of a good birthday. We stayed at the Sofitel hotel and their pastry basket was heavenly.

Breakfast in bed with pastry basket and pot of tea

From the outside of the hotel you could see across the city to the Arc de Triomphe and I was so excited by this view every morning that I basically bounced into Paris. No need for metro or painkillers here, adrenaline and excitement had me dancing in the streets. (Seriously. That happened.)

The view of Paris from La Defence

Now we all love Paris in the spring time, but – just as Ella says – I also love Paris in the fall. The sun shone brightly, the air was crisp, and though I had moments where I needed my gloves, hat and scarf to keep warm, I also had moments where an ice cream cone was completely appropriate – and delicious.

Eating an ice cream in Paris, mustard yellow Zara coat

Our first day in Paris was mainly made up of eating. Shock horror. We wandered around some of the lesser-known streets and for some lesser-known reason ate Mexican food for dinner. When in Paris: FAJITA. Apparently.

Saturday was dedicated to full on tourist behaviour and did not disappoint. We revisited some of our previous favourite spots and had cheese, cured meat, fresh bread and red wine all day. Now *that’s* how it should be in Paris.


The Sacré-Cœur remains one of my favourite buildings in the world and it couldn’t have been a more glorious day to enjoy it. Those in pain should get the funicular to the top of the hill – it’s included in your normal travel pass and you only have to sweat with hundreds of other tourists for two minutes whilst you’re all squeezed in to the cable car. The walk back down is somewhat easier and we had a quick wander around the Moulin Rouge before getting back on the metro and going to Concorde before experiencing one of the best things ever: Angelina.

Chocolate eclair at Angelinas

Look at this beast! Angelina was recommended as a delicious tea room that I was bound to love. We wandered up the beautiful Parisian streets and arrived at a very grand tea room with one very long queue. Now I don’t queue for anything. Anything. Except, it appears, tea and cake.

We queued for what felt like forever but was in actual fact about fifteen minutes. We were seated upstairs overlooking the busy tea room below and given a menu that, quite honestly, made me squeal with joy. I could have happily spent all day in that tea room and never left, just working my way through cake after cake. In fact – I’m kind of gutted that I didn’t.

Paris Angelina chocolate cake

If my pictures aren’t enough and you fancy drooling some more, check out their Instagram feed.

When we eventually dragged ourselves away from Angelina, we walked through the gardens to The Louvre – my favourite part of Paris. And I when I say “walked”, I mean “slowly plodded, full of cake”. Oh, and pranced about taking photos.

mustard yellow coat white pixie crop mustard yellow coat blonde pixie crop black beanieWe tried to balance and the camera and take a photo of the two of us. After two attempts – which gave us these photos – we gave up and carried on with our walk.

 IMG_9754 (2) IMG_9756 (2)

And then we arrived at The Louvre – the glorious Louvre! I have no words, just pictures. It’s so busy and bursting with tourists and selfie-sticks, yet I find it totally relaxing and calm. I mean, it’s THE LOUVRE!

The LouvreThe Louvre, mustard yellow coat, white pixie crop

From The Louvre we wandered the streets to Notre Dame and promptly plonked ourselves down at a cafe around the corner from Shakespeare and Company. That cafe served good but cheap house red wine and free popcorn with every glass and it had free wifi and heaters outside. It was the dream. We sat there for hours, resting and recuperating, before going out for dinner and more drinks and crashing in a king size bed that had been made in a way only hotel staff can achieve.

Shakespeare and Company

Sunday was a relaxing day of more gardens, bread, cheese, meat and wine before catching the Eurostar home. It was a weekend full of absolute delights and deliciousness. I wouldn’t change a thing and I can’t quite believe R planned every moment without revealing a single thing. From now on, he’s planning everything.

cheese and meat


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  3. Reblogged this on A LIFE LESS PHYSICAL and commented:

    It’s been over a week since I last blogged, so I felt like I owed you a hello and a sorry-about-the-silence.

    It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. In fact, it’s been so crazy that I didn’t even have pancakes on pancake day. Pancake day, for crying out loud! It’s like the most important date in my calendar year and I missed it.

    This evening, after a long drive home, I got my slippers and wine and decided to pick a book from the Christmas pile because I haven’t read since 2016.


    It was a good plan, until I decided that pancakes are not restricted to pancake day. That’s right folks. You are allowed to eat pancakes any day you like.

    And so that’s what I did.

    And no, I don’t have any photos because I ate them all super quick.

    Pancakes aside, I still feel like it’s been a crazy week and I still feel like having an evening of slippers and wine (which, you’ll be glad to know, I am doing) but instead of books, I’m catching up on This is Us – a show that is definitely going on this year’s list of series you should be streaming.

    You would think at this point I would have something more profound to say than “slippers and wine” – either that, or I would delete this one. But I really don’t, so instead I had a quick look through my archives and found this golden post (one of my favourites!) and decided I’d re-post this instead.

    So I guess the message of this post is: go to Paris. Oh, and slippers and wine.

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