How Caitlin Moran changed me with ‘How To Be A Woman’

It's not often I throw a book review your way, mainly because I'm the slowest reader on the planet but also because I'm not very good at articulating why I like something. (That said, I have got the art of articulating why I don't like something down to perfection.) Today I finished reading Caitlin Moran's How [...]

How to spend 48 hours in Paris

This time last week I was on my way home from three days in Paris, and I'm pretty sure it was the best weekend of my entire life. No exaggeration, it was all kinds of amazing. I had decided that, after last year's stress and anxiety leading up to my 30th birthday celebrations, this year [...]

How migraine makes me mad at myself

I promised myself that I would no longer use stock images on my blog (other than in Monday Joy posts as that's the point of Monday Joy) so from now on you're going to get a load of random photos at the top of my blog posts. I mean, where possible they will be relevant and [...]

Mindfulness: September

How did September pass by so quickly? How is it October already? Not that I'm complaining, for October is my favourite month, but that's not the point. It's been a speedy September. It's time for my monthly mindfulness tip thanks to Yvette Jane's little pocket book, 365 days of mindfulness. Last month I wrote about learning [...]

A weekend in Amsterdam

Don't you hate those bloggers who make big over the top statements about how they're going to blog all the time and over share (in a good way) and get their blog on like never before, only to find they go completely silent? Yeah, sorry about that. I got all excited and had a plan, [...]