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Are bloggers just a bunch of chatty over-sharers?

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The world of a mediocre blogger is a very weird one.

When I am with my real life human friends, thoughts of my blog or my social media profile are embarrassing and somewhat ludicrous. I panic that I overshare in a big way and chit chat over dinner whilst wondering how I can quickly put an end to this internet stuff.

When I am with my blogger friends, I am motivated and inspired to go home and write more. I think about scheduling posts and tweets, and think of taking more photos to up my Instagram game.

When I am with my virtual friends (which is a sad way of saying “when I am reading blogs written by full time bloggers”) who make a solid living from this crazy business of oversharing, I realise it’s no wonder my blog is mediocre. I share nothing by comparison.

If you’re not prepared toΒ share then you’re not prepared to blog. And if you want your blog to be really successful then I suppose you have to close your eyes, hope for the best and jump straight in.

I’m currently trying to find the balance between sharing enough that strangers start to take a mild interest in my musings, but not sharing so much that my true friends start to lose interest in my life. We all have those friends who overshare on social media, who we love in real life but who make us groan slightly when we see their latest burger photo on Facebook. How do you avoid being that person whilst still remaining present online? Well, that’s what I’m going to try and figure out.

Take a deep breath in, prepare yourself and jump! Yes, I think what I’m trying to say is, let’s give this a go. I’m going to up my game – because, it isΒ a game – and let’s see what happens. If I love it and you love it, we’ll continue together and if you hate it then I’ll hate it and we’ll try and remove all presence of this ever happening.

So follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook because that’s what all the people are doing these days. I, in the mean time, will try and keep a secret part of myself for my human friends. As for the rest of you, well, step right in and let’s see how this goes.


14 comments on “Are bloggers just a bunch of chatty over-sharers?

  1. It’s difficult finding the balance between sharing just the right amount, over sharing and under sharing to the point where it’s boring. You got this! πŸ™‚

  2. I think there’s definitely a balance. Overstating and including tmi can be a bit cringey but opening up about your experiences and sharing personal insights can be really relatable. I know what you mean though as I “hid” my blog for so long and even now, not everyone knows about it.

  3. I love this, agree with you on all of it! Most of my “real” friends don’t even know I have a blog and I was really annoyed when my husband mentioned it *at his speech at our wedding* and told everyone to go and read it, ha ha. (I suspect / hope most of them didn’t bother…) But then I also think that almost all of the blogs I love the best are stuffed full of photos of the writers (plus their children) and that a large part of the reason I read them time and again is because I identify and feel as if I know them. Hmmmm, it’s a tricky one, isn’t it? I admire you leaping straight in. I keep meaning to, but tend to get cold feet at the last minute…

    • Same here. Most of my friends know I have a blog, but I never share posts on my personal Facebook, never mention it when I see people, never promote it in person… Generally I am a bit embarrassed by it, even though I kind of actually love my blog, and blogging! I try to share some personal stuff on the blog, but I am always conscious about over sharing.

      For example, on an old blog, I shared that I hated my wedding, and why (too much focus on me, no time to speak to anyone, it was over in about 5 minutes). But in retrospect, I really regretted sharing that story because in hindsight I can see how incredible that day was, and it felt a bit disrespectful of Peter and of my family. So I took the post down, but not before lots of people had read it. So, yeah… The balance is a hard one!

      • Oh don’t get me started on posts you’re embarrassed about! That’s a whole other post. x

      • But then, you know, I think there is nothing worse* than someone who is constantly promoting their work (of any description) on their personal Facebook. I sometimes see endless links to adverts by people I know who work in advertising which always makes me want to vomit. Leave it in the office! And I sort of think of my blog in the same way — not that I get paid for it, but in many ways it is like “work”… So, I reckon, we’re definitely on the right side of things, even if that means that nobody we know actually knows we have a blog, ha ha.

        *Of course, there are lots of worse things…

    • Well I don’t know how long it will last, but I figured if I publish my new approach I’m forced into it!

  4. Ahhh you’ve hit the nail on the head here! I get almost embarrassed talking about my blog and think it’s not ‘real life’, yet when I talk to bloggers or see other posts or think about my future day dreams it’s all about the blog. At the moment I’m kind of keeping the two separate and not letting either interfere with the other, but it’s really really hard! x

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