What will Autumn bring?

Image c/o Etsy

Today my thick black tights and the heating went on, and double carbs are on the menu for dinner. Hello autumn. Welcome.

I think autumn may be my favourite season – although I think that about every season as it starts. I don’t think I could live in a country that didn’t have four seasons; they break up my year and give me something new to be excited about, always looking forward and planning ahead to the next season.

But autumn, autumn is special. Yes – it may be because it’s my birthday in autumn and I get very excited about my birthday, but it’s not just that. It’s the colours and the leaves and the hot chocolates and the feeling that winter is right around the corner – all the while it’s not as cold as winter and therefore I’m not a shivering wreck. It’s a nice balance.

So what does autumn bring for you? For me it brings a long weekend in Amsterdam, a weekend in the country and my parents new home, my birthday weekend (currently a surprise being planned by my man-friend) and one of my best friend’s hen weekend. Amongst all of this there is rest, massage, hypnotherapy and mindfulness, making sure that I maintain that balance I talked about last week.

Today is cold and sunny and I’m all too excited about the next few months. Hello autumn, here’s to some fun times!