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Three easy ways I’m changing my life

Yesterday I got home to find my ceiling leaking. It turns out the upstairs flat was flooded by rain water due to poor old Victorian windows and a few other overdue building problems.

The leak meant we couldn’t sit on the sofa and watch TV which threw our weeknight routine into chaos. I watch too much TV and it’s something that needs addressing. The only scheduled TV I watch is The Great British Bake Off (who doesn’t?) and Made in Chelsea (it’s my guilty pleasure – don’t judge me). All other TV hours are spent binge-watching series like Breaking Bad, The Wire, Orange is the New Black, The Sopranos, Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, Freaks and Geeks, The Returned, and others. Did you see this TV series themed post?

But it’s time for a new routine. Normally this would mean I write a long list of all the things I’m going to change in my life, many of them completely unrealistic and unachievable – queue feeling of failure and self-loathing. This time I’m going to pick three simple things to do which should be easy to implement and maintain.

A Cup of Jo
A Cup of Jo

Firstly, spending all evening with two (okay, three) screens isn’t good and it’s time I gave myself some distance from the world. From now on we’re going to bed at 10pm and we’re going to read aloud to one another. I saw this on A Cup of Jo (a blog I absolutely adore and don’t shout about enough) and thought it was a great idea. We’re starting off with Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane – his choice for me. I just need to think of something I’ve read that he’ll like but hasn’t already read himself…

This is a really simple adjustment to our routine, but one that I think will make a huge difference to my sleep patterns and overall wellbeing.

Secondly, it’s time to stretch. Every time I’ve stopped some form of yoga or Pilates, it’s like I forget every single thing I’ve ever learnt. There are 10 very simple stretches that I should be doing every morning and every night, and I will never know why I don’t force myself to be better at this. It will take me no more than 20 minutes, and it will be happening at 9.30pm every night.

Finally, listen to more podcasts. I’ve been saying this for so long and I haven’t been doing it – and that’s for two reasons. One, I keep asking people for recommendations and don’t write them down, and two, I have yet to install an app on my phone that allows me to listen to them. I know, neither reason is acceptable. Of the few podcasts I have listened to, they inspire me and make me a better worker and a better blogger so this is a much better way to spend my commute. Otherwise it’s just pressing refresh on the same old social media apps and breaking that addiction would be no bad thing.

Wish me luck!

PS – If you know of any good podcasts then please help a girl out.


Making changes and staying still
Making changes and staying still
My favourite blogs
My favourite blogs
International Women's Day
International Women’s Day

3 comments on “Three easy ways I’m changing my life

  1. I have recently finished The Ocean at the end of the lane and i found it weird, don’t know how else to describe it really, so good luck with that one. As i live on my own, i often listen to audio books, it reminds me of my Dad and when he would read to us all each night before bed. I had a too busy summer, with family and although i loved it and love them, it is time to find to peace and get back to my own routing. Good look with it all.

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