Blogger’s belief

Image c/o Wattpad
Image c/o Wattpad

Who knew that without working hands, life is pretty difficult. Working is hard, blogging is hard, cooking is hard(er) and phone-scrolling (sure – that’s a thing) is near impossible.

So, just a quick blog post to say that pains are bad right now which, unfortunately, means the blog will be a bit slow for a while. In the mean time, you should know that I have a few posts planned that you should definitely check back in for.

Firstly, the boy only has one working arm so for the next week or two I’ll be publishing some very easy dinners where no serious chopping or stirring is required. Might be helpful to those of you who a) hate cooking or b) live without a chef on hand.

Secondly, there will be a couple of lifestyle posts coming up. One on cleaning out my closet and scaling back on crap, and others on UK city breaks.

Lastly, there will be some posts on coping with what is one of the most limiting flare-ups I’ve ever had. I’m looking into some voice recognition software and I’m also doing some video blogs (yes, dare I say it, a vlog) for New Life Outlookย to replace some of the articlesย I would normally write.

So watch this space! I’ll be back soon. x


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2 comments on “Blogger’s belief

  1. You are awesome! I’m so sorry that this stupid fibro flare has you in it’s grip. I hope you get to feeling better quickly!

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