What do you say to your doctor?

I don’t use the word “agony” very often, but when I do – crikey do I mean it. It’s only when I’m in agony that I go to the doctors, and I really wish that was something my doctor could understand. Oi! GP! If I’m sat in front of you, I’m asking for help. Please get that.

The Unsigned Guide

So today Iย went to my GP and I’m now thinking that the purpose of this post is to find out how you deal with your doctors, because I must be doing something wrong. It doesn’t matter whether you have chronic pain, a broken foot, earache or fleas, how do you get what you need from your GP?

My doctor has recently retired which meant starting from scratch with someone new. It came at a relatively good time because I’m in a lot of pain and could do with going back to the start, but I had forgotten the look of scepticism doctors can give and how rubbish it makes me feel.

I quickly explained my new pains and the intensity of them and asked for a medication review, and also whether it was worth looking again at my symptoms. He spent a lot of time in silence and reading things on the computer screen, before suggesting we increase my medication. Occasionally he asked a short question like, “do you take this at night?” or “and when were you diagnosed?” or “you said your hands hurt?” but after I answered each question there was just more silence. Then he turned to me with a new prescription and that was that. I left.

I’m not angry at my doctor – or doctors in general – and this one happened to be very lovely with a great Picasso print on his wall. Perhaps he did all he could, but I feel there should have been more. A lot more.

What do you reckon? How do you challenge your GP, or do you trust what you’re given and walk away?


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