The small violin

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This is a story of two people and two cats. It’s a short story because the protagonist can’t type right now, which means you – the reader – will get an abridged version of events.

Let’s start with the cats. One is fine, the other is ill. She vomits every day, sometimes in obvious places in front of the people and sometimes in curious places that the people only stumble across hours later.

The people are ill. One of them, the author of this tale, is always ill. Some days are better than others but this week is one of the others. Her fingers, her neck and her knees are so incredibly sore. So sore in fact that typing is proving to be difficult – a problem when she wants to catch up on her overdue blog post.

The other person, who is normally healthy, is temporarily ill. He hurt his arm, it’s in a sling, and he is sad about this new pain.

The house now has two people and two cats that cannot cook, cannot clean, cannot function all that well.

Now we jump to the end: The house is a mess, the people are sad, the ill cat is sad, and if things don’t improve we’re all off to the doctors.

The end.

PS – The point of this story, should it be lost on you, is that I’m sorry I’m behind on my blog and I’m sorry I missed Monday Joy. I’ll be right back, just as soon as my hands start working.