Every summer should include the South of France


Regular readers will know I love a time out, and I particularly love a time out that involves sun, swimming and the South of France. Why France? I’d be lying if I said it had nothing to do with cold meat, cheese, fresh bread and red wine. I’m well aware I can have that in England (or anywhere) but it just tastes better in France.

An exhausted group of four spent seven relaxing days at this studio cottage in the South of France – another Airbnb find. One look at the garden pool and the stone brickwork, and I was sold.

This holiday was all about doing nothing and although that can be a struggle for some people, I am more than happy with a good book and a swimming pool.

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for over six years, but I still forget the power of lying in the sunshine all day. My body feels completely different by the end of the week and, even though the pain is still there, everything feels a bit more manageable.

We were in France for Bastille Day celebrations and had this been a party holiday, this would have been the perfect evening to get out and soak up the French party scene. Instead, after a day of – you guessed it – sitting by the pool and reading, we headed to the river and watched the fireworks.

I always think showing other people your firework photographs is like telling other people about your dreams. It starts off mildly interesting and goes down hill pretty quickly. Because of this I’m only posting three snaps… pretty impressive I think you’ll agree.

Around day five my so called ‘lazy friends’ got restless and requested a trip to the beach. It all felt like far too much effort until I was there and remembered the joy of people watching and tanning and playing with the sand. And to think I almost didn’t do this.

How amazing is that beach wheelchair? I didn’t use it, but walking through sand is hard work for the most able-bodied person so I reckon this is a great invention!

As for the photo below, I take this every time I go to the beach. And I share it. I don’t know why…

After the day at the beach, my only other physical activity involved a sunset walk around the village on our last day. There are probably more photos here than is actually necessary, but it’s an incredibly beautiful village and I think it deserves to be shared. Unlike those flip-flops, for example.

I’m not religious but I absolutely love churches. They always seem so calm. The church in Saint Bonnet du Gard is up on the hillside overlooking the community, and I love the iron cross at the bottom of the hill.

 Doesn’t this look like the most peaceful place on earth? Heavenly.


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