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30 day photo challenge

When I came across the 30 day photo challenge on Pinterest, I got a bit excited! In the last couple of years I’ve tried two photo challenges; the 365 photo challenge (take one photo of absolutely anything each day for a year) which I failed spectacularly, and the online photography diploma which ended before it ever really began.

However, the 30 day challenge gave me instructions. It provided a list of 30 things to photograph, one for each day, which is just what I need. I like structure. So this seemed like the perfect way of getting me back in to the routine of taking photos, at the same time as trying to improve my skill.

I’m half way through and here are my shots so far – some are certainly better than others! Visit my instagram for the description/explanation on each photo.

The second half of the challenge looks interesting, but as always some tougher than others. I’ll share the rest in a couple of weeks when I’m all done.


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