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Hello dear readers! I’ve been sunning myself in the South of France for the last week and made the decision to leave all blog-related work at home, so apologies for the radio silence over the last seven days. However, it was just the break I needed and I’ve come back all motivated and full of ideas for the blog.

So, let me introduce to you some of the changes!


Firstly, the menu bar has changed at the top of this page, so have a click around to see the new topics. You can navigate around the site more effectively, hopefully, and search for things related to chronic pain (or not) depending on your preference.

Secondly, there are two new pages to show you. Under the ‘about’ tab you will see my new collaborations page where you will find links to other projects I’m working on. These include articles I’ve written, interviews I’ve done and other bloggers I’ve collaborated with.

I’ve also created a resources page where I have linked to some of the chronic pain support groups and organisations that offer help to those suffering from invisible illnesses. I’ll update my Facebook page every time I had a new link to the resources page so make sure you’re following me to keep up to date.

Finally, I have also upped my Instagram game in the hope of improving my photography and engaging with a different type of blog reader. I’ve started things off by participating in the 30 day photo challenge; we’re up to day 12 and I’m really enjoying it. Here are some of my pictures so far, but come and join me on Instagram to see the rest.

Other than that, things are ticking along as usual. Hope you like the new menus and, as always, your feedback is appreciated so if something doesn’t work for you just let me know and I’ll do what I can to fix it.

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