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London’s South Bank in the summer

London Eye at South Bank

Last weekend I went to London’s South Bank for Saturday brunch in the sunshine. Believe it or not, I have never been to South Bank. I know, I know, it is ridiculous. I always figured it was one of the least fibro-friendly places in London, bursting with crowds and very few places to sit, so I tried to avoid it at all costs. So, when my blogger friends (yeah, that’s a thing) suggested South Bank for brunch, I was somewhat nervous.

But, as I approached the National Theatre Kitchen at 11am, this was the view. No crowds, very few people, and plenty of empty tables. In fact, as we grabbed ourselves a bench overlooking the Thames, I couldn’t believe that I ive a mere 30 minutes away and had never ventured here to soak up the atmosphere.

The Kitchen at the National Theatre was absolutely great, and my scrambled eggs with chorizo and sun-dried tomatoes did not disappoint.

Scrambled eggs and chorizo with sundried tomatoes on toast.

It’s wonderful to sit with other bloggers and share your stresses and fears but, actually, these girls have got so many other fascinating things going on in their lives that blogging took a bit of a back seat as we all gossiped and obsessed over the glory of South Bank.

After brunch we wondered through the crowds, which were starting build by the time we dragged ourselves away from eggs and brownies. We watched skaters at the park, kids playing on the urban beach and numerous shoppers perusing the food and book stalls.

Skating in the skate park at South Bank

And then, amid all the crowds and sweaty shoppers, we stumbled across this. A-MAZING!

Water sprays at South Bank

Children in the waterfall water feature at South Bank

Anyone who says raising kids in London means they miss out on community fun really need to go down to South Bank and check this out. It was one of the best sights ever, and a great start to the summer.

Love and Hate at South Bank


Crystal Palace Park
Book club and a quirky pub
Book club and a quirky pub
Outdoor cinema
Outdoor cinema

4 comments on “London’s South Bank in the summer

  1. I have never been to South Bank either! I thought I was the only one! Although, now that you’ve been, perhaps I am…

    That food looks amazing, & the fountain photos made me smile. The fact that you were able to take them without the Daily Mail swooping in and accusing you of paedophilia is heart-warming all by itself!

    • Well do you know I had that very thought as I clicked ‘publish’, but I am hoping that darkened faces and lack of identifyableness (sure, that’s a word) will keep me safe! I think you would love it, and Orla too!

  2. What?! You had never before been to the South Bank?! How is that even possible when you live in London? I thought it was one of those places that everyone always said, “Hey, let’s meet at the South Bank and we’ll find somewhere to eat / drink / sit” once we all get there. (To be fair, I did used to live about a one minute walk away just by Waterloo so perhaps that has skewed my notion of the utterly central and unavoidable nature of the place…)

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