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The highs and lows of Sunday

It’s been a strange Sunday and I’ve only been up for five hours, so I thought I’d share it with you. Heads up: it features cats, rats, coconuts, paralysis and feminism.

black and white cat

Cats, rats and coconuts:

This is my cat, Jess, and now that the sun is shining she is spending a lot more time outside. She doesn’t catch and kill things very often (thankfully) but when she does, she brings them to the back of the house and wails at a worryingly loud volume until I go to see what she has brought. Last week I followed the sound of the wail and saw her playing with a rat; the rat was alive and was head-butting her, and she was having so much fun she didn’t even kill it.

So today when I heard her wailing in the middle of the night I wondered what I would find outside. Except she wasn’t wailing from outside, she was in the living room. Sh*t… what had she brought into my house? I stumbled into the room half asleep where she pawed at something and prodded it in my direction. I turned on the light and discovered a rather large piece of coconut. Yes, my cat had brought me some coconut. She is weird.

Needless to say I put the coconut in the bin and went back to bed.

Image c/o howto.cnet
Image c/o howto.cnet

New phone:

I’ve been stressing about my phone for a while. I need to take more photos for my blog and I need to be a better Instagrammer, and so after months of deliberation and research I finally ordered a new phone and it arrived today! Whoop! Watch me as I up my photo game – or try to – over the next few months.

Image c/o Fuscafatosefotos


Unfortunately, even though my cat is entertaining and my new phone arrived, my morning took a massive hit when I woke up slightly paralysed. My fibromyalgia is as unpredictable as ever at the moment and today it was at its worst. I could’t move my neck which meant I couldn’t sit up or move in any other direction. After lots of tears and fears I spoke to the NHS out of hours service (who, for the record, were brilliant) and they recommended an ambulance came to take me to A&E.

Having a chronic illness is so very weird because I was aware the situation wasn’t normal but I thought calling an ambulance was a complete waste of time. I figured the paramedics would merely say, “What? You’re in pain? Of course you’re in pain… what do you want us to do about it?” So I stayed at home with heat and painkillers and whilst the pain is still absurd, I can now move. Hospital avoided. Winning.

Image c/o Wired
Image c/o Wired


I flippin’ love Parks and Recreation and it’s the perfect show to distract me from pain. It’s always brilliant but today it was particularly brilliant when Lesley Nope (played by Amy Poehler) made a speech to the people of Pawnee about women and men and careers and pie-making. She refused to take part in an annual pie-making competition for the wives of politicians, but then the town got mad at her for not taking part in the tradition so she agreed, but then the feminists got mad at her, and then she and her (wonderful) husband Ben (played by Adam Scott) made this brilliant speech. Enjoy.


International women's day
International women’s day
My flare up
My flare up
Mindfulness: May - Pets
Mindfulness: May – Pets

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