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Mindfulness: June

Image c/o web.stagram
Image c/o web.stagram

I’m a little bit late with June’s mindfulness tips, so apologies for that. As you may have picked up from my severe lack of blogging and my slightly stressed approach to the few blog posts that have made it on to your screens, I’m a bit all over the place in my very busy head and I’m falling a bit behind.

I do recognise the irony here and know that if I kept on top of my mindfulness then I probably wouldn’t be in this mess… *must stop turning to mindfulness after the stress* REPEAT!

So this month’s tips from 365 Days of Mindfulness by Yvette Jane have been all about staying calm and peaceful. There were suggestions to record my dreams and write about them (tempting, they can be quite entertaining), sit by a field and watch horses and cows (very tempting, but short of time) and my almost-favourite: drink in the beauty of a sunset (particularly tempting if the drink is Pimms.)

But the one I’ve decided to write about (in what I hope is a semi-articulate manner as opposed to a stream of conscious gibberish) is:


This is difficult for me. You see, I am a planner. I am always living in the future whether it’s one day ahead, one year or ten years. I am also a dweller, I relive past humiliations and past arguments, often thinking of all the things I could have said to make things better. I know I am not alone in this mentality and I would normally say there is safety in numbers, but right now I feel like we’re all a bunch of idiots that just need to focus on the present.

I have a notebook. It’s always in my bag and I often write down things I’m inspired by or ideas I have for blog posts and articles. Sometimes I am incredibly happy because my notebook is bursting with ideas and I am full of words, whilst other times my notebook is bare and I can’t construct a sentence with all the will in the world. Sometimes I have no time to write, other times I have too much time. And then there are times like this… times when I have lots of ideas and lots to say but no matter how long I sit at my laptop, I cannot find the words. I have tried different positions, different times, different styles, but I am left with nothing. I am left drowning in ideas, and I know that if I can find one good sentence I can pull myself to safety. But where oh where is that sentence?

Image c/o Fun is for Assholes
Image c/o Fun is for Assholes

Last week I wrote about handling stress and the need to make practical changes to help yourself. My long-term readers will know I’m rubbish at taking my own advice but if there was ever a time for it, it is now.

Outside of my blogging world, which is stressful enough in itself, I am distracted by a hundred other things. I am thinking of life plans, of work and play, of what I am doing, of what I am not doing and of what I have done. And have it done it well or not? And how will I do it differently?

And how? And what? And when? And why?

There are too many questions and so today’s mindfulness message is incredibly important to me. Stop thinking, stop asking, and just be. Be in the present and be okay with it.


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