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The Forest Hill farmers market


London is one of those cities that people seem to love or hate, and for a long time I was one of the haters. When we moved here I was keen to do what all my London friends had done; find a pocket of this giant city that worked for me. So many parts of London have their own unique identities, and the people that live here flock to the area that matches the ‘type’ of person they are. It’s weirdly stereotypical, and yet it seems to work.

I love South East London. It has everything I need, and if all my London friends moved here too then I’d have no reason to leave. But alas, we are not all the same type of person and therefore we can never all survive in the same area and so we must travel.

But not this weekend. This weekend two of my favourite people – “my northern friends” – traveled from Yorkshire to see our new flat and explore my new home, and so I got to be tour guide showing them my very favourite places. It only makes sense to share them with you too.

Horniman Museum old conservatory, South London

After a morning of American pancakes (because it’s Saturday, so why would you not?) we went out in to the London sunshine and I took them to the Horniman Museum. I know, I’m getting predictable. I wrote about the museum here and the grounds here, but this time we went for the farmers market.

Horniman Museum Farmers Market

Cheese market stall


Flowers and beers


The fresh produce from local suppliers means you can’t help but fall in love with SE London, and after buying fresh flowers, wine, local bears and steak pies, I was feeling ready for a wander around the gardens and a lie in the sunshine.

Gardens at the Horniman Museum

Short dungarees and white top

white blonde pixie crop

We then went on a small pub crawl, enjoying being one of the happy Londoners soaking up the sunshine and making the most of our wonderful local community. Plus, every spot is within a 10 minute walk of the last so it’s a Fibro sufferers dream.

Sylvan Post London

And finally I got to take my friends to the best restaurant in London – and the best pizza restaurant in the world. Seriously. Remember this pizza I told you about? Well, this one is even better. It comes from Mamma Dough, a small pizza place in Honor Oak Park, and this butternut squash and feta pizza is sublime.

Butternut squash and feta pizza at Mamma Dough

wine and water

chocolate brown

The chocolate brownie is the best desert I’ve ever had. I ate it too quickly to take a photo of it but, here are the remains.

It’s so nice to feel so in love with the area you live. Every time I think about leaving London, I have to remember I love this little pocket of joy. Oh, and apologies for some of the dodgy photos. Experimenting with my camera phone… it will hopefully get better soon!


2 comments on “The Forest Hill farmers market

  1. You KNOW I’m with you on this post lovely – I adore our SE patch.. I got to really fall in love with in tenfold thanks to a year spent on maternity leave pounding the pavements with a buggy and exploring. There’s so much vibrancy and community spirit and AMAZING places to eat and drink. If only I could find a spare half a million to buy our rental place… 😦 *SOB* x

    • A year to explore would be AMAZING! Every time I think I’ve seen it all I discover something new. Good luck with your lottery win – crossing my fingers for you! 😀

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