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The Horniman Museum, Forest Hill

A few months ago I took you on a visit through the Horniman Museum in South East London. Today I thought I’d take you around the grounds because it turns out I’ve found my place of calm.

The Horniman Museum

The museum itself is in a beautiful Victorian building, and it’s surrounded by 16 acres of gardens. As soon as I walk up to the Horniman steps, I feel relaxed – it’s like a snippet of greenery in a busy city and it’s often just what I need at the end of a busy day. It also makes me fall in love with London. I love that from the top of the hill in my little pocket of London, you can see London’s iconic skyline in the distance.

The Horniman MuseumThis week I took the afternoon off work. The sun was shining, I was a bit stressed and my sister was in need of some sibling time. I went back to the flat and we had a wander up to the museum, walking through the London sunshine and catching up. When we arrived, I took her to my favourite part of the gardens… the old conservatory.

The Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum

The first time I saw this building I was blown away. I think it’s all the glass. All I know is that every time I turn the corner and walk up the hill, I feel relaxed. I forget that I have a job, I forget that I have a mortgage, and I forget that I have aches and pains all over my body. I feel light and totally calm.

Once I’ve seen the conservatory, felt the wave of calm, and contemplated going to the cafe for a slice of their incredible looking cake, I wander through the grounds.

The Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum

If you’re in South London, I encourage a trip to the Horniman Museum. It’s my little pocket of city heaven, but I’m more than happy to share.


Horniman Museum
The Horniman Museum
Crystal Palace Park
Crystal Palace Park
Country walk
Country walk

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