Crystal Palace park

It’s easy to forget the impact that the weather has on our mood, our behaviour and our lifestyle. During the winter months I would come home from work, freezing, and come in to my toasty warm house. I would get straight into my pyjamas and curl up the evening eating lots of carbs.

Actually, not much has changed. I still get straight into my pyjamas and eat a lot of carbs. But, instead of going straight home from work I like to make the most of the lighter evenings and the warmer weather.

This week, on the way home from work, we went to Crystal Palace Park. Londoners love city parks, mainly because – for a few moments – we can forget we live in the middle of a busy city. We see greenery and calm and it’s really very nice. There are also lots of screaming children and crazy joggers, but I mainly just look at the trees.

Except at Crystal Palace Park. There, I look at the dinosaurs.

IMG_7885Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park

“Sculptor and fossil expert Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins and founder of the National History Museum Richard Owen erected the model dinosaurs when the park first opened. They were the first artistic representations of dinosaurs of their size and have been enjoyed by both younger and older generations for over a century.” So says Bromley Council.

Crystal Palace Park

Wandering around the park is weirdly creepy when it’s quiet and the sun is setting. Those dinosaurs are flippin’ massive. There’s an audio guide you can listen to whilst walking around the park, but I skipped that. I’m not a great fan of guided tours. I like to wander freely, talking about life and thinking about food.

The park is also small enough that it makes for a fibro-friendly activity. It’s got a few hills which are not ideal, so I recommend taking a friend who can push you. That’s what I did.

Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park

If you are ever in South London, check it out. It’s pretty cool.


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