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Mindfulness: May


It’s that time again. For the last five months I’ve been using Yvette Jane’s “365 Days of Mindfulness” and I’ve been sharing my favourite tip each month. This month there were a lot of good suggestions, but not many of them were not very bloggable. (Sure, that’s a word.)

Suggestions included starting a new bedtime routine with plenty of winding down time, walking around barefoot considering texture and temperature as you move from room to room, people watching and using aromatherapy oils to relax. I need to do all of these, but decided to blog about this tip:


As some of my readers will know, I have two cats – Jess and Maisie. They are wonderful, but we have a difficult relationship. For whatever reason, they are two of the neediest cats I have ever met in my life and they behave more like dogs or children than cats. (Neither of which, I want.)

I wanted a cat for as long as I can remember. I wanted occasional cuddles with something cute and fluffy, but wanted something that would predominantly look after itself and do its own thing. Neither one of my cats meet this requirement.

When we get up, they get up. When we leave the room, they follow. When we start cooking, they sit in the kitchen and miaow constantly whilst waiting for scraps – which they do not get. When we go to bed, they paw at the door. When we sit down, they sit on us. None of this behaviour is occasional, it is all constant. They want food and love all the time. It’s like I got two labradors in cats bodies.

black and white cat

Jess is the black and white one. She hates to be picked up but loves to sit on your lap. She is desperate for approval and the love of every person who enters the house. If you don’t let her on your lap, she sits next to you with her paws rested gently on your thighs.

tabby cat

Masie is the tabby cat. She also likes your lap – particularly when Jess is already on it. However, she also likes to be picked up and then twists her body once in your arms so she can climb over your shoulder.

They’re wonderful and cuddly but very demanding and very very vocal. So, this seemed like a good mindfulness tip and an opportunity to remind myself that although they are loud and clingy and not quite what I was expecting from my two rescue cats, they are beautiful and loving and very loyal.

I make jokes (a lot of jokes) that I hate these two little munchkins, that I want to cut out their vocal chords for just a moments peace and quiet. But, I wouldn’t be without them. I get frustrated with them and often think that a bigger house with a big garden would give us the space to appreciate each other more, but I know damn well they would still sit pressed up against my leg and would follow me from room to room. It would just be more space for them to ignore. Still, they’re quite funny and taking photos of them for this post was lots of fun.

black and white cat

tabby cat

I promise to cuddle them more. I really do.


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