When friends from outside London come to visit, I always feel like I should have something amazing to show them. There’s so much to do in London and so many incredible restaurants that if we go somewhere a bit average, I feel like I’ve messed up. So, when my friend from Newcastle told me she had a couple of hours spare at Kings Cross and wanted to meet for lunch, I went on a mission.

Where is good to eat near Kings Cross? Well, now I know. Caravan.


Caravan is less than a ten minute walk from Kings Cross – just about close enough to lug a small suitcase from the station. The atmosphere is casual, the food menu is varied and the staff are so friendly. Caravan offers a range of ‘small plates’ which you can mix and match like British tapas and, of course, there is also pizza on the menu. Always a win in my book.




The two of us shared a cheese and tomato pizza, cheese and ham croquettes and a salmon and new potato salad. It was all kinds of yummy.



I’ll be honest, the pizza wasn’t all that. In fact, I’ve had far better. But it was still pizza so, y’know, it was good. After what I consider to be a fairly light lunch, we went for a pudding to share. I wasn’t going to bother, but having spotted the chocolate torte, I was desperate to erase the menu of my failed torte a few days before. 


See that dollop of chocolate ganache on the side of the torte? That MADE this dish. Once again, this wasn’t really a torte. (I really need to look into whether all Londoners think a torte is actually a brownie, because too often I’m getting a damn brownie when I asked for a damn torte!) Anyway, it was delicious all the same.

So next time you’re short of time, looking for a quick bite near Kings Cross station and not sure where to go, head to Caravan. If only for the brownie-torte.


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