The town hen and the country hen (part two)

Image: RSPCA
Image: RSPCA

Last week I told you about my friend’s hen weekend in the countryside, so today I thought I’d tell you about the city version. Last weekend we went to Bath for my friend Louise’s hen weekend. I was in charge of making it her weekend of dreams and, as her Chief Bridesmaid, I was feeling the pressure. Lou said she wanted to go to Bath and wanted to do a life drawing class, but the rest was up to me.

I could pretend to be intimidated by the task ahead of me but who am I kidding? Planning is my absolute favourite thing to do, so I was in my element!

Lou arrived on Friday morning and went to the famous Thermae Spa in Bath with its rooftop jacuzzi and treatments to help her forget any wedding day stress. On Friday afternoon she came and met us at her home for the weekend, Lady Margaret’s Townhouse in central Bath. The townhouse slept 12 of us and, whilst Lou was at the spa, a group us decorated the house with balloons and bunting and, most importantly, a life-size Ryan Gosling.

Blowing up blue and white balloons

Ryan Gosling was suited and booted and ready to greet Lou on her arrival, and his presence went down a storm! Friday night we had a ‘Pyjama, Pizza and Prosecco’ party, played hen-do games like Mr & Mrs and mainly giggled a lot.

I’d factored in some hangover time for Saturday morning, which was mainly spent taking silly photographs of each other posing with Ryan.

Ryan Gosling eating chocolate rolls.

Vogue magazine and Ryan Gosling

Girls with Ryan Gosling,

Oh come on. Like you wouldn’t have done the same thing!

We finally dragged ourselves away from cardboard Ryan and went out into the glorious sunshine for a wander around Bath city. I am devastated I didn’t take any photos of the streets because the architecture was absolutely incredible. I think I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the place that I completely forgot about my camera.

We got the last table at the rooftop garden at the Hall and Woohouse bar, which was one of the most stunning bars I’ve ever been to, and toasted Lou with booze and willy straws. Then we went to The Makery for our life drawing class.

Now, I was dreading this. For two reasons. One, I’m crap at drawing, and two, I thought I was better than the whole giggly-girls-laugh-at-naked-man thing. Turns out, I’m not. It was one of the best afternoon’s I’ve ever had! We had a two hour workshop at The Makery and I assumed that meant one drawing for two hours with a piece of charcoal, trying to create a work of art. In actual fact it was led by a woman who handed out black marker pens and  gave us various types of drawings to do over the two house workshop. We had to draw with our wrong hand, we drew blindfolded whilst our partner had to say what they see (hilarious!) and we had play consequences. I won’t give too much more away but if you’re looking for an afternoon of utter silliness, do it. Do it in Bath at The Makery – they were brilliant. (Oh, and they let us drink Prosecco throughout – another plus point.)

Life drawing at The Makery in BathI scribbled out his business for the purpose of a clean blog, and he wore a Hugh Grant mask for all photographs which was…weird, but our other options were The Queen and Prince William so Hugh Grant it is.

Saturday night we went to The Cosy Club for dinner then went for drinks and karaoke at The Cork. It was a weekend full of laughter and food and bubbles, and would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the worst hangover of my life on Sunday morning.

From a fibro point of view, Bath is a tough city to deal with because of all the hills. It’s hard work. But, I got a taxi pretty much everywhere and it’s so small that the most expensive taxi was £9 – split by four of us. Pretty damn good.

If you’re planning a hen weekend, I highly recommend Bath and all the places I’ve linked to in this post. They were all fantastic with us and I couldn’t have asked for better customer service from any of them.


3 comments on “The town hen and the country hen (part two)

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I went to the Thermae Spa with my friend for her 30th birthday. It was gorgeous.

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