My dream inventions

Image: The Berry
Image: The Berry

I recently wrote an article for New Life Outlook on the products I appreciate the most as a fibromyalgia sufferer – you can find them on their website here. I then gave some thought to my dream inventions – the ones I’m hoping some bright spark will go ahead and invent. If you are that bright spark, you have my full permission to get to work and enjoy the royalties without my interference. I would just ask that I get them for free… and perhaps you could put my face on one or two of them?! (I jest.) Here’s my top five.

1. Wheelie shoes for adults

You know those shoes with wheels on the back that kids often wear? I want some of those for adults, but I don’t want to have to lean back on the wheels to roll forward. I want to be able to flick a switch and have my smart flat work shoes turn into skates so that I can still move when my legs don’t work. It’s not an ideal solution but it would be great in emergencies.

2. T-shirt electric blankets

I know you can buy stick-on heat pads, but they’re never that comfortable and they soon wear off. I want to buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt that heats up like my electric blanket, but has air vents and a cool switch to help regulate your body temperature at all times.

3. Robot vacuum cleaner that doesn’t cost the earth

This is possibly a cheat because I know these exist, but they’re so expensive! I want someone to create a robot vacuum cleaner that I can leave alone to potter around my house and clean my floor. Oh, and a mop for the kitchen while we’re at it.

4. Invisible Illness badges

This is more of a culture change than a product or service, but I would like public transport providers to be more aware of people with invisible illnesses and disabilities. In the UK, pregnant women get given a “Baby On Board” badge to pin to their coat and it really works. As soon as people see someone board the train or the bus with one of these badges, everyone stands up to offer their seat.

I would like “Invisible Illness” badges to be just as common so that it was just part of the commuter culture.

5. Intervals at the cinema

It’s perfectly common to have a half time break in sports games and intervals at the theater, but somehow we’re supposed to survive two hours of sitting in small, uncomfortable seats to watch a film. I would much prefer going to the cinema if I knew I’d get a break halfway through to stretch a bit.

I must say, around half way through creating this list I realised I’m basically looking for cultural change or a little robot friend to do all my household chores! But then, who wouldn’t love both those things?

What are your dream inventions?


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5 comments on “My dream inventions

  1. A break to go wee at the cinema would be ideal! My one worry about shoes with wheels would be how uncoordinated i am, so I’d probably break my neck.

  2. Oh those pricy rrombas are worth every penny. I have one I use almost everyday. We call her Rosie and she takes care of cat hair and dirt. She is the third one I’ve had since I keep giving them away! I did have a scooba but the early ones were not great. Now I want a later model.

  3. I used to be suggested this web site by means of my cousin. I am not positive whether or not
    this post is written by means of him as no one else recognise such certain about my difficulty.
    You are wonderful! Thank you!

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